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Chinese And Japs

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Evait H. Soott, of ADn Arbor, and biB hrotber Runey C. Scott, of Honolulu, Hawaii, were at tbe Cushrnan Monday. The latter gentleman is on his way to the university city from the newly acqnired territory of the United States. To tbe Resorter he said that the vast majcrity of tbe people of Hawaii are inexpressibly deligbted with annesatiou. Hawaii. he beĆ¼eves, is a natural sentinee to the American ooast, and that its possession is a material necessity, was made evident by its use as a ooaling station duriug the late war. In discussing the labor question wbioh has attracted so mach pnblio atontion, Mr. Soott said tbat in opposition to tbe oondition in this conntry, the Uhinnse of Hawaii are of tbe very highest grade of citizenship and eaaily assimilated, wbereas the Japs are of the very lowest classes. Of the reoeption given onr boys on their way to Manila, Mr. Soott said thatnothing in town was too good for them, aud that go whnre they wished and do what they liked, it was all free. Beoaooe of the hcspitality shown, tbe Spanish consul protested to President Dole, who prumptly answered, "Neutralty be blamed. "we're not neutral," showing that tbe friendship was of the trun oharacter.


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