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Moore Family Reunion

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The commodious residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eli Moore, of the Northside, was yesterday the gatheriug place of a very happy tbrong of nice people. The host and hostess are well known to beboth Moorss, the latter not having changed her name wben she joined her fortunes with Mr. Moore, althóogh not closely related. The deseendants of Andrew Moore, who irnmigrated to Amerioa from SootJand in the year 1512, forrued an aunual rennioD suoiety. This was the society that met ou the Northside yesterday. The genealégy of the fainily filis two large priuted volumes of desoendants, scattered over the country. This was the third time tbat the aunual recnion was held in Michigan. At the gatbering last year a special invitation had been given by Mrs. Eli Mooie, who was in attendance and accepted by the association. At the dinner table 109 sat down representativos of the family from Arkansas on the west and Pennsylvania in the east. Very many of the members of the association are members of the society of Friends and dress in their plain style. This at the present day is a rather qnnsual sight in Ann Arbor, but there was a time when it was more oommon, a Friends meeting house was located in Aun Arbor. These wortby people were among the best of our country 's settlers and uuiversally appreciated wheie known. The tables were set on the large lawn of the Moore home. Short informal talks were given by many present and the afternoon passed only too quiokly. It was decided to hold the next annual reunión at Adrián, in Lenawee county. Many of the gnests left last eveniug for their homes. A few from Lancaster and Chester counties remaiued over to make a more extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Moore. Mr. Moore was born in the sontb part of Lancaster county, the county that is considered the garden spot of America. In bis youlh he taoght school, one of bis scholars being the well known Kansas populist, Jerry Simpson.


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