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Shafter Sails North

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Santiago de Cuba, Ang. 27.- General Shafter has formally relinquished the command oí the department of Santiago de Cuba to General Lawton and boarded the steamer Mexico with the members of his staft and sailed for the United States. General Toral and his staff calJed upon General Shafter during the afternoon to bid him adieu. The Spanish offlcer thanked General Shafter for the courteous treatment accorded him since the surrender, and for the kindness that had been shown to all the Spanish irisoners. He wished General Shafter a pleasant trip home. General Shafter complimented General Toral on his gallant defense of the city, and expressed the wish that he would upon his arrival in Spain receive the treatment that his bravery deserved. Saw the General Off. Generáis Wood and Lawton aceompanied General Shafter to the wharf. The officers accompanying General Shafter are Lieutenant Colonels E. J. McClernand, B. F. Pope and G. McD. Derby; Majors Robert H. Noble, John Miley and S. W. Grosbeck, and Captains j. E. Gilmore and E. H. Plummer. Lieutenant Colonel Harvard, chief surgeon, ind Major Starr, inspector general", mvê been transferred tó Gefiéral Law:on's staff, and Will remaih here. With the departure of Getlëfai Bhafter the restrictions on commercê not fieeessat-y lor military purposes will be removéá, The wharves and warehouses will be thrown open, and vessels will be allowed to discharge their cargoes on arriva!. All the Fifth army corps have eft. The steamer Allegheny sailed with 500 men of the Ninth Massachusetts regiment and the First Illinois. Convalescent.t froin Siboney. General Bates and his staff boarded he Berlin. The balance of the Ninth tfassachusetts sailed on the Florida, he Neuces has sailed with theTwenty'ourth infantry. Three hundred and ifty convalescents from Siboney, under charge of Dr. W. E. Parker, boarded the Berkshire. One hundred men who are too sick to be removed will emain. The Berkshire has been quipped and provisioned with great are for the comfort of the sick. Genral Shafter leaves Santiago in good rder. American authority has been stab'.ished in the important towns, and ndustry is reviving. The Cubans in he interior are under arms, but give ie Americans no trouble.


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