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A Haying Implement

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The buil rake, go devil or bucker, as it is sometimes called, bas large teeth 1 % inches by 2 inches, tapering up to larger size next to the frame of the rake. These teeth are 7 feet long. The hay gathering portion of the teeth is 5L or 6 feet long, and the other 16 iuches is bolted to the frame and axle. The axle consists of a holllow iron tube about 2 inches in diameter. The frame is about 14 inches high and serves to stop the hay as it slips back on the rake teeth. A seat beara reaches out five feet or so behind the rake, and the driver's weight will balance the teeth and hold them upwhen he sits near the outer end of this beam and allows them to run low and gather hay wheu he sits close to the frame, while sorne other machines have a lifting gear for this purpose. The rake is 12 feet wide and consists of 13 teeth. It is drawn by two horses, one hitched on each side of the rake, beams being arranged to which singletrees can attach, and a long beam also to.which the pole and breast straps fasten for guiding the rake and


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