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Real Estate Transfers

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Andrew H. Martin and wife to ; lie C. MartiD, Ypsilanti, $1,000. J. M. B. Sill and wife to O. L. Yost, : Ypsilanti, $1,000. J. M. B. Sill and wife to O. L. Yost, Ypsilanti, $1. Wm. Gotts and wife to Frank G. Gotts, Augusta, $1,000. Cbantle Reiohersaker to Eliza Reicher, AnD Arbor, $500. Arthur Brown and wife to E. D. Brooks, Ann Arbor, $500. George A. Warner and wife to Geo. W. Towler and wife, Ypsilanti, $325. R. B. Lytle and wife to Ada E. Lytle, Ypsianti, $420. Lucy A. Batohelder to Linus Hisoook and Wife, Ypsilanti, $2,300. Olara Kappto Wm. F.Kidd and wife, Anu Arbor, $750. Pred W. Gotts and wife to Marshall W. Bullinger, Ypsilanti, $25. Willard C. Manning to Marshall W. Brillinger, Ypsilanti, $300. James E. Harkiuts to Charles Andrews arad wiffl, Ann Arbor, $300. John Gunn et al to Samuel Graham, Ypsilanti, $1,250. Rice A. Beal, by exeoutor, to C. E. Godfrey, Aun Arbor, $1,000. George A. Oullen and wife to Charles Isbell, Lodi, $500. Kezia W. Terhune to Enooh Terhune, Ann Arbor, $1. Charles Griffen and wife to George Bartlett, Ypsilanti, $350. James Wade and wife to James Osborn and wife, Chelsea, $550. Joshua W. Wheeler and wife to Edwin Voroe, Ypsilanti, $300. Edwin Voroe to Hannab C. Voroe, Ypsilanti, $300. MaroiaSkidmore toElla H. Babcook, Chelsea, $600. Amanda Ellis to IraW. Moore, York, $1,100. Wm. W. Whitlark to George A. Peavey, Ann Arbor, $50. Leo D. Camp and wife to Henry Perkins and wife, Ypsilanti, $500. Martha Cobble to George Wm. Heller, Fittsfield, $1,500. Robert C, Huntoon to Eagene Gregory and wife, Ann Arbor, $1.