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When the day for investigating the comlnot of the wél departement ai-vives. the medical department of the army should not be overlooked. Xegleet of the sick and wounded soldiere was a dlsgraceful feature of thfi Santiago campaign, and the affair of the pest ships in which soldiers were transported from hospitals in Cuba to hospltals iu this country ought not to be forgotten. In dlseussing this subject the Medical Record, which is excellent authority. says: -It has not vet been made clear why some of the transports came to New York without medicines, and in one or two cases without sureeons. Surély the eommander-m-chief did not leave the surgeous sldetracked at Tampa a long wit!) the quinine pills. "This sending of sick troops on a sea voyage without surgeous, medical supplles. or even digestible food, is too serious a matter to be disraissed with a mere statement that sucn was not the case. and that all the newspajiers misrepresented tlie actual condition of affairs. Those at the front who had the matter in charge shonld throw some light on the whys and wherefores of such lameutable results. "The surgeon-general still owes it to the public, to the pvofession and to the noble, faithful and energetic members of liis corps to urge the fullest Investli gation Into all the facts and to answer still more effectJvely than he haa thus far done the widespread criticism of 'the management of bis particular department." When a Journal devoted to the interpsts of the medical profession finds it neeessary to use langnage such as that quoted. the tact is made evident tliat there is need of investigaron in the medical branch of the army. - Chicago Dispátch. No man is greater than his party. ! ilr. Piugree caunot win a fight that ;his party is agauist. !


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