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Taking The Gold Cure

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Employés of the Michigan Central, wlio were told Bryan's election would mean lower wages and less work, while McKlnley's süccess meant the opposite, are ünding out that anteeleetjon promises do not find post-elecüon fulfillment. Within a mouth after the eleetion. they besan tákiiig the gold cure, and ave at it vet. Many men have been reeently discharged, and additional v;ork put on those remaining without extra pay. It is too bad that the closing of a war in whieh the American soldier has again proven his valor and superioritv siiould be marred by universal inquiry into the rsponsibility for mismanagement which has eansed our men, both at home and in Cuba, untold rnisery. disease and death. Incompeteucy in administraron has not brought disaster at arms, but it is not to the credit of those in Washington that it did nov. The glory of American heroism has triumphantly shone upon the world in sj)ite of adverse circumstances. The private soldiers of the country havn won its battles. while the favored commanders have only sought to shift blame from their own shoulders. Whether honest or dishonest, Oov. Pinguee can never accomplish his ends in the Republiean ranks. His party's legislative nominees are anti-Pingree men, and he will only be permitted to head the ticket to aid their canvass. Without Democratie votes Pingree eánnot win. Democrats should remember this. and the fact that the only actual step ever taken to equalize taxation in Michigan was by the Democratie Legislature of 1891. Vote for Whiting and the Democratie ticket. The State of Michigan Is now selling the last lot of a $500,000 bunch of boncis for war purposes. Here is huif a militan dollars spent without a penscratch at the capitol to show where :t went. The state military board, cotuposed of Gov. Pingree and his appointees. have the sole right to expend the money and audit the bilis. During the civil war such accounts had to pass the scrutiny of the board of state aud i tors. Great is Pingree! Great is humbug! Pingree continúes to assure the Republican party that he will reform state affairs. He has had a chance, but his record shows the contrary. He should not have a seeond trial. Wbat real reform have the people nad at the hands of Pingree? Isn't it about time the real goods were delivered? Whiting should be elected if the people are to be benefited. He


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