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Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers

Catherine Cramer to Sarah Cramer, Ann Arbor, $360.

Hiram Martin and wife to Christian Saley, Bridgewater, $50.

A. Brown and wife to Minnie Adams, Ann Arbor, $1,000.

Margueretta Baur to Christian F. Kapp, Lodi, $1,500.

Emeline Drake to Hector Drake, Lodi, $425.

Michael Schneider to Jacob T. St. Clair and wife, Ann Arbor, $450.

Charles A. Smith and wife to John Crawley, Scio, $1.

John Crawley to Charles A. Smith and wife, Scio, $1.

Maria L. Pierce to Catherine L. Reader, Webster, $350.

Charles E. Foote et al., to Merchants' Life Insurance Co., Detroit, Mich., Ypsilanti, $677.

Frank Staffan to Louis Hindelang, Chelsea, $50.

Milford F. Sackett and wife to Oliver M. Mull and wife, Manchester, $1,000.

Charles J. Downer and wife to Cordelia J. Leach, Lima, $600.

Paul Tessmer, sr., to Paul G. Tessmer, Ann Arbor, $1.

Sarah E. Cushman to David C. PartIon, Manchester, $1.

George Nissly to Theodore Feldkamp, Saline, $35.

Peter Hines to Eugene P. Hines, Ann Arbor, $1.

Mary M. Doud to J. D. Currey, Ypsilanti, $51.80.

J. D. Curry to Helen McAndrew, Ypsilanti, $91.20.

Eugene M. Hooker and wife to Melvin I. Hooker, Augusta, $140.

Moses Seabolt to Lillian M. Field, Ann Arbor, $1.

Jacob Schlitz to John G. Schneider, Ann Arbor, $7.50.

Ann W. Wilson et al. to Wm. H. Wait, Ann Arbor, $2,400.

Wm. H. Wait and wife to Mary W. D'Ooge, Ann Arbor, $2,400.

Lillian M. Field to Christina Haller, Ann Arbor, $450.

Evart H. Scott and wife to George H. Pond and wife, Ann Arbor, $2,000.

Minnie E. Adams to Elizabeth S. McPhail, Ann Arbor, $4,000.

Lena Koch et al. to Charles Adrion, Manchester, $1,000.