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WHEN TO BEGIN THE STUDY OF L MUSIC T The only good piano playera are P those who besan the study of music young. It is a mistake to T wait till the ohlld aocompllshes a f certain amount ol school work. A musical oducation must extend T over a period of yeats and is J necessarily a g"ovvth- must not be hnrried. At what age should a T child begin? Some oï the great Jr composers were writing music it L the age of six years. All experT ience ís in favor of starting early. T Come and talk it over and see how easy it is to own a piano. $75.00 T gets a good one to learn on. $300.00 f a flrst-olass one. ANN ARBOR HUS1C CO., 205-207 E. WASHINGTON ST. Jos. W. KoüaUi5 ie TAïLOR & DEALER IS Foreign and Domestic Woolens Has Removed to 214 E. "WASHINGTON ST., Near 5th. ANN ARBOR, MICH. 1 ■■■"-. 1 You Will Notice That the Kitchen Utensils are dancing at The Racket. "Will you give us the opportunity to quote you some low prices on Kitchen Jewelry. There is certainly 110 comiort in supplyiug the wants of students unless the culinary department is well supplied with those various necessities in Tin, Sheet Iron and Enameled Ware that are so profusely kept at The Racket. LOOK OVER THIS LIST. Asbestos Brick Cement for mending or filling the cracks and corners of leaky stoves, 8c. IX Tin Teakettle 38c. IC Tin Teakettle 32c. Stove Pipe, Wood's Refined Smooth Iron, 10c. Elbows 10e. Barrel Ash Sifters, no dust, 25c. Cake Griddles, 16 inches across, 35c. Frying Pans 15c to 25c. Steel, never break, Spiders, 20c for No. 8; 25c for No. 9. 2 Quart Covered Pails 5c; 3 Quart Sc: 4 Quart 10c. Parlor Matches, 8c per dozen boxes. Gas Light Heating Stoves, $2.99. Dangler White Fíame Cylinder Oil Heaters, flat back finish, $4.00. Express Wagons, steel box, $1.24 to $1.49, every one first grade. Galvanized Iron Pails, 14c, 15c and 16c. Dishes and Crockery of all kinds. Gasoline Stoves, 4 and 5 burner, to close out at $6.25 and 17.25. These árs Genuine Sargains. The Racket Is the place to trade. 202 E. Washington St. Enoch Dieterle, Funeral Director. No. 116 E. Liberty St. Resldence. 533 S. 4th Ave. Phonel29. ANN ARBOR, MICH p ft. WILLIAMS, ttornev at Law and Fension Claim Aitorne?. MILÁN, MIOH. Conveyaneintfanfi C illsitioos WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. PIANO l'OK SALE- A Boardman & Grey Ior$50ca8b. A bargain. Apply at 415 S. Fifth ave. UtllTm lÁdy agents to canvass lor WAn I til- liKliinii: Wood's Celebrattíd iinuiuu Kil) P1ÍOTECTED HIP CX)E8ET8, andiora fine line of Sateen, Italian, Changeei Ie Moreens, iaucy Stripes aud silk SKlBTá. AddTess .T. E. WOOD, ! So. Warren St., Syracuse. N. Y. '■','.)- 12 WANTKl) A email fmily to take charge of a six-room füinUhed cottage and board n stueul. tor parcicolors addregs tol Marsh, Bos M8J, Aun Arbor. 41-