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At The County House

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The average nuaiber of inraates at the county boase ior the past year has been 41. The total nnrnber of different persons who have been carmel for there iu tbe past year bas been Tl, of whom 50 were niales and 21 femalee. Their nationality was as follows: Americans 38, Germana 18, Irisb 7, Eoglish 6, Italian 1, Colorad Canadian 1. There are there two idiotio, two mate and two blind inmates. Dnring the year 8 of the inmates have died. The average cost for rnaintenance of eaoh inmate has been $1.84 per week. The connty farm prodnoed this year 282 bushels of wheat, 377 bushels of oats, 900 bnshels of corn and 400 bnshels of potatoes. Eleven oowa are kept. The total oost for tbe paet year has been $4,840.10 of whico $1.S84.2 was for temporary relief outside of the county house. The remainder, $3,421.83 was spent as follows: Salaries and help $1,080.00, blacksmithing $29.25, books and stationary $14.76, boots and sboes $44.10, repairs $544. 30, dry goods and bedding $100.38, hardware $106.81, stook $262.50, hay, grain and feed $42.96, grooeries and pioisions$374.20, beef $395.83, olothing $53.59, drugs and medioines $28.76, flour $13.58, burial account $1.70, farm implements and seeds $73.50, wood and coal $433.76, irnproveinent acoonnt $22.80, forniture $69.60, orockety and glassware $1.75, medical attendanoe 1123.18, tobaooo $88.38.