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The Supervisors Equalize

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The board of supervisors equalized be assessments of tbe oities and townsbips yesterday. The oommittee's report was adopted without a yea and nay vote. It raises tbe city of Ann Arhor $165,000 over last year, the first district of Ypsilanti 125,000, tbe township of Sylvau $10,000, and York !1ü,000. Angusta, Manobester, Webster and the second disti'iotof Ypsilanti were lef t the same as last year, while all the other towusbips wwe reduoed as follows: Ann Arbor town 10,000, Bridgewater $12,000, Dexter $16,000, Freidora $16,000, Lima $15,000, Northfield $1,000, Pittsfield $13,000, Saline $15,000; Soio $22,000, Sbaron $13,000, Superior $13,000, Ypsilanti town $12,000. Supervisor Lighthall wanted to know why the committee had seen fit to raise Sylvan $10,000, when the village of Chelsea bad purchased the waterworks and the electric ligbt plant,' taking $30,000 off tbe rolls. He said, witb oonsiderable trnth, that the business of equaliaing was one of the biggest farces enaoted. The only fair way to equalize woald be to have a committee apponted iu some way outside the supervisors wbo bad made the assessmeuts, who could take time to travel about the oonnty and would have some kuowledge about what they were doing. Supervisor Whitaker asked if be thought there was $290,000 differenoe between the townships of Soio and Sylvan and Mr. Lightball thought there was more tban that. This was all that was said. A little study of the result may reveal soruetbing of the way in wbich the equalizing may have been done. A raise of the two citie.s was to be expected although the feeling over the Canfield bill may bave increased it. The other tbree members of the committee eaoh got a reduotion of $16,000 for their towns. These were the only towus whioh got tbis reduction and it was tbe largest reduction made except that of the home of the ahairtnan of the board. Tbe fight over the Canfield bill also probably cut a figure. Mr. Allmendinger's fine Italian hand rnay be traoed. He was a member of the oommittee. He probably expected Lighthall's support in nis fight against the Canfield bill. He didn't get it and benoe Sylvau was a faii mark for him. Bibbins at first voted againt the Canfield bill, but later turuad aud moved the compromise whioh carried. He got bis pay in being denied a share of the swag. Buitless was another supporter of the bill as was Molntyre and MoCullougb and they were also shut out in tbe división. Of oourse these things were not talked. If they had been they could uot have been aooomplished.