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Washtenaw County

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Washtenaw County

C. H. Wilson, of York, is building a new house.

There are seven pupils in the Milan high school.

The Ypsilanti Grange had a meeting last Saturday.

Jacob Kilous, of Whittaker, is building a cow barn.

Pumpkins are thicker and bigger than usual this year.

Mrs. Brook, of Ypsilanti town, has an apple tree in full blossom.

Jobn Martin, of Manchester township, is building a Iarge barn.

A. A. Wood and wife, of Lodi, are visiting the Omaha exposition. 

Charles Steinbaoh, of Chelsea, bas opened a harness shop in Dexter.

George French, of Dexter, has just picked a second crop of raspberries.

Mrs. Humpbrey Elliott, of Augusta, died Oct. 11, after a lingering illness.

Mrs. Frank Elay, of Whittaker, presented her husband with a son, Oct. 6.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh, of Webster, Oct.9.

Mrs. William E. Howard, of Milan, died Oct. 12, of apoplexy, aged 66 years.

It costs money to witness a ball game at Chelsea - the nunificent sum of five cents.

Ex Postmaster Laird and E. Rooke, of Chelsea, have opened a bakery in Williainston.

T. D. Smurtbwait, of Pittsfield, cut his hand badly while working in his barn last week.

Charles BreininK, of Augusta, teaches the winter term in school district No. 3, of Freedom.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Voorheis, of Ypsilanti town, died Oct. 9, aged two weeks.

Some 25 pounds of pork were stolen from Jedele's slaugbter house in Dexter week before last.

Mr. Moore, the foreman of the big Whitmore Lake ice houses, had his ankle crushed recently.

The school social held at John Shankland's in Superior netted $11 for the school library fund.

Dogs from Ypsilanti city recently killed four sheep belonging to Fontain Watling, of Ypsilanti town.

Barbed wire fences crippled horses belonging to John Harwood and Fred Forsythe, of Pittsfield, reoently.

The dining room of the Stevens house in Whitmore Lake, will be enlarged before the next resort season begins.

R. M. Cole will remove his sawmill from Howell to Dexter and the Michigan Central will build a side track to it.

Mrs. Joseph Reese has presented the Dexter Leader with a quince which measures I61/2xl5 inches in circumference.

Editor Mat D. Blosser and wife attended the triennial conclave of the Knights Templar in Pittsburg, last week.

John H. Burkhardt, a former Manchester boy, died in Grand Rapids, Oct. 9, of Bright's disease, aged 27 years.

The republicans this week have held meetings at Sharon town hall, Nichols' school house, Manchester, Vebster town hall and Whittaker.

Miss Ida Gwinner, of Bridge water, and Frederic O. Smith, of Ypsilanti, were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Short, in Bridgewater, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Servis, of Sharon, celebrated their golden wedding last week, a laige party of relatives and friends gathering to help them do so.

Rov. W. C. Macbeth has accepted a call to the First Presbyterian church, of Milan, to succeed Rev. J. P. Hutchinsou, who went to Port Clinton, Ia., for his health.

E. T. Walker of Salem,, has a six year old peach orchard of four acres, that produced 977 bushels of merchantable peaches this year, the net income of the orchard this season is $934.45.

In mentioning the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. John Hall, of Dexter township, last week, the Argus-Democrat neglected to mention that this makes three children born to this worthy couple within 11 months.

S. E. Cooper, of Grass Lake, recently shot a sand hill crane on the farm of E. S. Cooper, in Sylvan township, that weighed 121/2 pounds, was 5 feet 3 inches tall and measured 6 feet 9 inches from tip to tip of its wings.

Dr. V. G. Hooper, of Salem, acting hospital steward of the 31st Michigan, was home on a short furlough a few days ago and left for Jacksonville, Fla., under orders from the surgeon general, to accept a position as assistant surgeon, with $1,500 a year salary.

The bard of Willis says in the Ypsilantian : "When the republicans turned down our John they ran against a Stump that is aflame with popular favor that Waters cannot quench. The democrats are going to stump tbe secoud district as it was never stumped before, and they are going to win 16 to 1."

The seventh annual festival of the Ladies' Benevolent Society, of Hamburg and Webster, will be held at Alfred Valentine's in Webster next Thursday evening, Oct. 27. Jndge Newkirk, Hon. Wm. Ball, Fr. Goldrick, Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Staley and Rev. Gr. Moorehouse will be there. Supper 10 cents.

Milan in the past month spent $169.15 on its streets.

The Salem Congregational church has been repainted.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Hirth, of Lima, Oct. 6.

Henry J. Mensing and family have removed from Francisco to Chelsea.

Work has been commenced on the new residence of Dr. John Lee, of Dexter.

Hon. Tim E. Tarsney opened the democratic campaign in Saline Tuesday night.

The 10 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Berman Knop, of Dexter, died Oct. 10.

The W. R. C. of Manchester, has sent $10 to the hospital of the 31st Michigan at Knoxville.

Frank Lemmon has taken charge of the branch store of Wadharns, Ryan & Ranle, in Dexter.

This has been a most remarkable season for the farmers, there being no frost until Oct. 14.

E. A. Gage, a former resident of Manchester, died of congestion of the lungs in Jackson, Oct. 9, aged 79 years. He was buried at Manchester.

The Dexter Leader says that the selecting of Prof. A. D. DeWitt as a member of the board of school examiners is a wise one and highly gratifying to the people of that cornmunity.

Adrian Press: Mrs. O. A. Sober, of Superior, visited friends for several days over in Salem. When she returned home she found her husband, Sober, as usual.

William Murray, a brakeman on the Jackson branch of the L. S. and M. S. railroad, while coupling cars at Manchester Wednesday had his thumb and several fingers severed.

Manchester Enterprise: J. H. Kingsley found that his family horse was not swift enough to aid him in making the run for sheriff, so he purchased a "speeder" of Knorpp & Mayer.

William Lord, of Willis, is to be married to Miss Edna Bubnell, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. H. G. Hymen, in Chicago, Oct. 25. No wonder the bride marries when she has a sister of the name of Hymen.

A mysterious disease is epidemic among the farmers' hogs in the vicinity of Stockbridge. They are first attacked by a weakness in the back. After a few days' sickness the animals die. The local veterinaries cannot ascertain what it is.

Milan Leader: A certain farmer near this village brought his oil can to town the other day and ordered it filled with kerosene oil at one of our groceries, and the clerk filled it with gasoline. The farmer discovered the mistake when he built his kitchen fire the next morning.

An unknown man giving his home as Grand Rapids, was struck by the Wabash "Continental Limited," at Milan Tuesday of last week and sustained severe injuries. He was kept there three days before anything was done for him. The village and county authorities both refused to take care of him but finally the county resolved to take him and Sheriff Rodman took him to Monroe Friday.