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The Pa?ietto asparagus soems to resist rust becter than inauyother popular varieties. It is expected that the apple erop of England will be short, owing in part to the prevalence of insect pests. Bush cutting is now in order. Cut the underbrush close to the ground and heat and drought will do the rest. Thrashing in some sections is proviug the winter wheat erop lighter than was expected. Reductions from the big crops anticipated are reported from Kansas, Oklahoiua and Texas. Mammoth white winter rye is receiving eommendation for the excellence of the straw as well as the fine quality of the grain. The various tmfavorable conditions that have snrrounded the corn erop from the start make it safe, in the opiniĆ³n of Orange Judd Farmer, to assume that the total yield will fall materially below that of last year. Why int a wife the better half when she's always getting the best of the other half?