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HOW THOMBAT. Tbe Evidence of Our Senses. Wbat Ann Arbor People Say is Good Prooi" tbr Ann Arbor. When we sec it ourselves, VVhen our own eurs hear it. When our neighbors teil it. Our f riends endorse it. ' No botter evidence can be had It's not what people say in Maine Or distant mutterings from California No deceivingecboes here. Ann Arbor talk of Ann Arbor people. Public opiniĆ³n published tor the public sood. There is n9 proof like home prooi. Home te8timony is at the back of every box of Doan's Kidney Pilis. Can you believe your neighbors? Eead this statement made by a Citizen : Mrs. Geo. Carpenter, of No. 1133 Forest Ave., says: "For f our or five years I snffered frotn kidney trouble. Thepains aoross ruyloius were at times so severe that I oonld hardly straightsn np or bend over. The often extended up nnder my shonldfii' blades and down tbiongh my thighs. I also snffered a good deal from severe oramping of the mnsoles of my loins. and dizziness were of frequent ooonrrence. I oould not rest comfortably at night and often got up in the morning feeling worse tbao when IJ went to bed. The kidney secretions beoarue highly oolored, soanty and deposited a heavy, reddisb sediment. I used a number of different medioines but they did not do me any good. I Baw Doan's Kidney Pilis so highly reoommended for troubles like mine that I went to Eberbacn & Son's drug store and procnred a box. I soon began to feel better and improved steadily. Sinoe using this remedy I have feit spendid and I reuommend it to orheis very highly." Doan's Kidney Pilis foi sale by all dealers, prioe 50 cents. Mailed by Foeter-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. sole agents for the United States. Reinember the name Doan's and take no substituto.