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Gladstone As A Chemist

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If Mr. Gladstone seldom indulgcd iu sarcasm. it was not because he lacked the gift- for he possessed it iu a high degree - but beca ti se he forbore to use it. To hurt an oppoueut's ïeelings gave him pain and when he did it nnintentioually he would souietimes cross the floor of the house, and, sitting for a few moraents by the side of the man whom he had just demolished, say something to assuage the wound. One of his most persistent, bat never ill nutured, critics was the lato Sir John Popo Hennessy, who told me the following story to illustrate this generous trait iu Mr. Gladstone's character. Sir Jolm prided himself on his knowledge of ohemïstry, and in one of the debates on the commercial treaty w-ith France he made a speech exposing, as he believed, a serioua chemical blunder in the treaty. Mr. Gladstone followed, "and soon turncd me inside out in the most amusing manner, ' ' said Heunossy in relating the story, "proving, as if he had been a chemist by professiou, that it was I who had bluudered egregiousHa'ving thus disposed of his critic, Mr. Gladstono went and sat by him for a moment. "I hope y on don'tfeel hurt, Mr. Heunessy." ho said. "Your speech was ingenious, and it may console you to know that the emperor of the French made preoisely the same objection that you have made. The fact is, both you and he know a good deal a bout chemistrv. but not enough to keep you frpm