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1 ==='i !?e American I J& worting man, C-i; ■bPÜ! wni'e ne works iwSSE?" CP "y shorter hours, J ' %f fs I works harder than. StiÍíbTi Cj ne working man JyWJO-ia(foLan intelliSZs!? duces more in a "55-v given length of " ï TN time than the work J er of any other nation. He not only exhausts hirnself physically, but mentally; not only muscularly, but nervously. The consequence is that while he is better fed and better housed, he is not, as a rule, as healthy a man as his brother working-man of European countries. Moreover, like all Aniericans, the American working - man is prone to disregard hi health and frequently even takes pride in abusing it. It rests with American wives to protect their husbands in thii; respect. A little watchfulness on the part of the wife will freqnently save her husband from a long spell of ill-health and possibly from some fatal illness. When a man feels " out of sorts " it is because his digestión is disordered or his liver is torpid. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will promptly correct these disorders. It is the great blood-maker and flesh-builder. It restores ' the appetite, makes digestión perfect and the liver active. It purifies the blood and tones the nerves. It cures 98 per cent. of all cases of consumption, bronchitis, asthma, weak lungs, lingering cough, spittinir of blood and disease of the throat and nasal cá'vities. Thousands have told the story of its wonderful merits in letters to Dr. Pierce. It may be had at any medicine dealer's. "Your 'Golden Medical Discovery' cured me of a severe case of poisoniug of the blood,' writes Mrs. Selia Ricca, of Coast, Santa Cruz Co.. Cal. "That was two years ago, and I have not had a boíl or sore of any "kind smce." It is as easy to be well as ill - and tnueh more comfortable. Constipation is the cause of many forms of illness. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. They are tiny, sugar-coated granules. One little " Pellet " is a gentle laxative, two a mild cathartic. Dealers in medicines sell them.