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There are 931 stadeuts iu the Normal. The new Presbyteiiau chape] is beicg plastorerl. The Hay & Todd Mfg. Co. is crowded with work. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Parsons have & very yoong son. The addition to the Ypsilanti post offioe is beiog pnsbed. There are 40 members of the Normal College Catholic Glnb. Lafayette memorial exercises were Jieid at the Normal Wednesday. The Ypsilauti high school has a Gtrong football team tbis year. The bioyole casn againstProf. D'Ooge faas been adjonrned nntil tomorrow. Tbe Epsilon Tan Delta give a dance at the Ladies' Library this evening. Siaster John Deubel sprained bis vmst recently wbile playing on a stone pile. George Staffins bas been a benedict for three weeks, the bride beiug a Detroit lady. The etudents are patroniziDg the Normal Lecture Oourse better than ïisual this year. County teachers examinations are in progress ia tbis city, oommencing yesterday and olcsing tüday. Sheriff Jndson bas been iostrncted to arrest Charles Eaton for beiug absent f rom Co. G, without leave. Tbe CougregatioDal churoh society msets at tbe parsonage Mouday evening to disouss ways and means. Civil service examinations, for poeitious in the post office bere, will be held in Clöary's oollege tomorrow. The Ladies' Aid Socety of the Congregational church meet at Mrs. Herrick's on Ballard st, tbis afternoon. The democrats will hold their big rally after Major Kirk returns, wheu sorne big guns are expected to be present. An effort is being made to gnt np a dancing clab of prominent sooiety people to give a series of five dances this winter. Fred L. Ingrabam is the president of tbe Michigan Association of Elocutionists wbo bold tbeir annual meeting in Detroit, Oct. 28. Tbere are 35 stndents in the Normal from St. Joseph oounty and tbey have organized a olnb whioh will meet very two weeks. The Redpatb Grand Conoert Co. will furnish the first entertainment of the üiormal Lecture Course tomorrow, Saturday eveuing. The oounoil at its meeting Mouday evening approved of the marshal's course in endeavoring to keep the sidewalks olear of bioycles. Arthut Graves had his eye injured sligbtly last Thnrsday by a nail whioh he was endeavoring to drive striking it and cntting the eye ball. Five employees of the Scharff Tag, Label and Box Co. went out on a strike Monday on aooount of reduued wages but two of them carne back the same day. The Modern Woodmen of Amerioa, of Ypsilanti, have invited the cauips of Ann Arbor, Saline, Dentón, Wbitmore Lake and Cherry Hill to be present at an initiation, Oct. 28. Miss Julia Wright, of Congress St. , recently feil down a flight of 19 stairs but fortuutaely no bones were broken, though she was very severely bruised and ber face badly ent. The Normals and the Toledo Y. M. C. A. football team play a game on tbe fair gronuds today. At tbe game in Toledo last Satnrday betweeu these clubs Toledo won by 10 to 0. Justice Childs, when he found the board of supervisors had out $10 out of his bilí, said they had put his bill in the sonp and he now understood how they got their name of soup-ervisors. Tbs high school foofcball team lost a game Satnrday morning to the Irvings, of Detroit, by a score of 12 to 0. In the afternoon tbey went to Aun Arbor and won a game from an eleven there iby a soore of 6 to 0. Miss Carrie Haywood, of this city, left Saturday for Jacksonville, Fia., where she has an appointment as a nurse in the regular army hospital. Her application for suoh a position bas been on file for nearly a year. The Baptist ohurch eleoted tbe followiag delegates to their state oonventiou now in session at Owosso. Rev. Jas. A. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sweet, W. J. Canfleld, Mrs. 8. E. Howe, Miss Josephiue Droiy and Mrs. Forsythe. Seventeen birds were nntered in the 100 mile raoe of tbe Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Hoining Club between Dunkirk, Oüio, and ïpsilanti, Suuday, The race was won by a bird belonging to E. P.Hall in 3 hours and 8 minutes. ,The last bird traversed the 1 00 miles in 4 bours and 30 minutes. TlTe Baptist Woman's Missionary Sooiety on Friday eleoted the folowing offioers: President, Mrs. James A. Brown; vioe president, Mrs. Daniel Putnarn ; home seoretary, Mrs. Glen C. Lawreuoe; oorrespondiug seoretary, Mrs. Engeno Hodge; treasurerp, Mrs. A. M. Wannan and Mrs. W. E. Scott. Why do they have twa treasnrer? Can it be that so rnuoh monay is taken in that one treasurer will not sufflee. A Golf Club is being formed to play od a two mile oonrse ou tbe Hewitt farni, a ruile frora tbe city ou the motor line, tho oonrse tu have nine holes. Miss Genevieve M. Walton was eleoted treasnrer of the Miobigan Library Associatiou at their meeting in Bay City Wednesday. The association decided to meet in Ypsilauti next year. Captain Bdward Ryan, of the Ypsilanti fire department, and Miss Ella Conway, of Detroit, were married Taesday at the home of tbe bride's parents. They will arrive in Ypsilanti Snnday. Arrested Charles Perrin. Charles Perrin was arrested in Jaokson Taesday afternoou. It will be reuienibeied tbat Perrin is the man wbo on the afternoon of Oot 7, entered tbe residenoe of Theodore Whitford and relieved him of a valnable collection of coins and oíd bank notes and of considerable jewelry. Tbe arrest was made by the merest chanoe and was oooasioned by hearing tbe remark, "Say, can yoa ohange tbis qnarter, no matter if yon haven't quite euoogh. I want to weigb myself on the seales here?" The'ïemark was made by a ratber suspioious looking cbaracter tu tbe proprietor of a news stand and wben the stranger prodnced a Canadian qnarter, reoeived the change after some slight demur on the part of tbe newsdaaler aud tbea prooeeded aoross the road to a saloon and tried to horrow money on an English ooin, a policeman who bad ohancfcd to overhear botb couversations took a band, and on searoh fouad a large number of coins and bank notes in the man's possession. The man gave his name as George Juhnon, but two letters addresssd to Charles Perrin gave the anthorities a clew, as they had been asked some time ago to hold Cbarles Perrin on the oharge of threatening tbe life of Miss Auna Luce, of Ypsilanti. Deputy Warner was at oace summoned from bere, and witbont a bitoh proved that the captnred man was Cbarles Peirin and that tbe coins and jewelry in his possession were probably stolen from Mr. Whitford. Perrin is now being taken care of at the Ann Arbor jail. It is believed that he is implioated with otbera in the nnmerous burglaries wbicb have been recently oommitted. Upon a seoond examination of the ooins upon Perrin 's person it was seen tbat tbsy belonged to a lot stolen from Niobolas Max's plaoe one nigbt some time ago. The extreme penalty for tbis offeuse is 15 years. Home Seekers1 Cheap Excurslons. On Ootober 18, November 1, 15, December 6 and20, the Western Line will sell home seekers' excarsiun tickets, witb favorable time limits, to numerous points in the West and South at exoeptinnally low rates. For tickets aud full information apply to W. H. Guerin, 67 Woodward avenue, Detroit, Mioh. ; or W. B. Kniskern, 22 Fifth avenue, Chicago, UI. 42-47 Opening of Sanitarium. The new sanitarinm, Dr. Yeman's meáicial director, was thrown opeo t(i tbe public last eveuing. Large nnmber of Ypeilactiaris, together with many from out of town, were present aDd inspeoted the bandsomely furnished apaitmeuts. On theground floor is a neatly fm'uished offioe, reception room and bath house, oooling rooms and dining rotims, while theseoond floor oontains bedrooms, hospital and operating rooms. In the basement is the laundry and gymnasium. At 6 o'clock this evening snpper was served by th board of directors to invited guests, among wbom were Messrs. S. F. Angus, W. J. Chittenden, Thomas MoGraw, Dr. Leonard and wife, Dr. J. E. Clark and wife, Dr. Gilman and Mrs. Yemans, of Detroit, and Dr. Nanorede, of Aun Arbor. Tbe reoeption lasted until 10 o'olock, after which lunch was served to the ont-of-town guests. To All Democrats. Every demooratic speaker, every party leader, should obtain at once a oopy of the "ÜEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN BOOK'" for 1898. It is a work of 275 pages, and is tbe most valuable and instruotive book ever pnblished by tbe party. It contains the most unanswerable facts and argoinents on the moüey and bankiug question, the tariff and has everytbing pertaining to the AmerioanSpauish war. Don't fail to send for oopy. Single copy, 50 cents; 1 dozen copies, $4.00; 20 oopies, $6.00; 50 copies, $12 00. Address: Deuiooratio Congressional Committee, 726 13tb st, N. W., Washington, D. C. A New Dlvlng Bell. An improved diving bel! of great capacity, moving along the sea bottom by means of screws moved by etectricity, is on exhibition in Paris. It can be worked at very great depths, and holds air enough to supply the screw for forty-eight hours without renewal. It is lighted by electricky, whicb also furnishes motive power for any tools that may be used. On tipping over the cases of ballast, the bel) rises to the surface itself. Spring time ITecautlon. Browne- "Why did you refuse to shake hands with Smith?" Towne- "He's a great secret society man, and