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Tbe streets of Milan cost $48.35 during Ootober. There are 330 pupils in tho Manchester schools. The village taxes collected ia Milan aruoanted to $936. ? Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Gaorge Deatle, of Manchester, Oot. 25, a.sou. Eight probationers joined the Sharon M. E. charch Sunday before last. Manchester lodge A. O. U. W. initiated eight new mem bers' last week. George S. Rawson, oí Bridgewater, is putting up a ruile of wire fenoing. Tho Grass Lake schools oontributed $5.05 to the Lafayette memorial fund. The Chelsea high school oollected over $5 for the Lafayette Memorial fond. Jacob Reiser, of Bridgewater, who feil and broke bis leg fwo weeks ago, is reoovering. George Wasser, sr., of Sylvan, broke his oollar bone by falling 15 feet from a etraw staok. The Southern Washtenaw farmers olnb meeta today at the home of F. M. Palmer, of Bridgewater. An 11 pound girl has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Joel L. Marble, of Milan, who may eome day give a yoang man the Marble beart. The twentieth aunual convention of the Washtenaw W. C. T. U. has been iu session at Saline on WedneBday and Tharsday of this week. H. H. Fenn and L. P. Vogel have pnrohased the drug stook of R. S. Armstrong & Co., who have been in business in Cbelsea for 30 years. Adam G. Faist, of Chelsea, and Miss Mary Sohaible, of Sylvan, were mariied by Rev. L. Koelbing, Oot. 25, and have gone to housekeeping in Chelsea. Horatio Bnroh, son of Daniel Buroh, of Sbaron, an engineer in the United States navy, who was with his ship in the naval battle off Santiago, returned home last week. The village of Detroit is improving its residenoss. A. Gable, from Whittater, was seen there last week. Now if they will send out to Whittaker they oan Snowball tbat Gable anyday. On the backs of all the ooats belonging to the Milan fire department will be printed in large letters "Milan Fire Coat." So if you should forget to retam one of them it will nnt be neoessary for anyone to ask, where did yon get that coat. Our bretbren of the county press have been mislead throngh a mistake of a looal (dty paper. It does not cost the connty $134 a week to care for the inmates of the oounty house, bat it oosts $1.34 a week pee inmate, which is a good deal less nioney. Charles Ganntlett bas brought his horse Hazel Ridge baok to Milan frnm tbe fall racing oampaign with his reoord reduoed from2:262 to2:19on half mile tracks. . Since Ang. 6, he bas been in 11 raoes, winning six flrst premiums, tbree seconds, one tbird and one fourth. Dexter Leader: We have at this offioe a sample of unusual growth of quince fruit, handed us by Mrs. L. S. Miles. There are two email branches one a foot and the other a f oot aDd a half long. Eaoh twig bears four qninces and each quince is 13 inche.s in cironmference. Albert Bond, of London township, near Milan, was attacked by a large buil hb was endeavoring to drive last week Wednesday, and trampled npon, having cis ribs broken and Fustaining serions injuries. He broke a olub over tbe animal's head and olung to the ring in his nose for 10 minutes nntil help came. Ananias appeared ie tbe Cbelsea Standard office last week and its editor doubtfully gave plaoe to the following item: " We will not vouoh for tbe truthruness of tbe following, altbough strager thiugs have happened: About four years ago a oertain young lady, not a thousand miles from Chesea, aocidentally swallowed a needle. Last wek tbe same needle was removed 'rom tbe right arm of a young man who had been keeping company with her since before she swallowed it. " Exobanges not9 that a gane of swindeis are traveling tbrough the oountry claiming authority from the state to examine wells. Tbey examine the water tbrough a mieroscope, and find all sorts of baoteria, cholera and typboid germs, and permit tbe farmer and his wife to look tbrough the glass, wheie of oourse they see the menagerie tbat will always be found in a drop of water. The frightened farmer is advised to apply a certain remedy, whiob the fakirs sell at a high price. The remedy pro ves to be plain soda. Wben one of these swindlers shows up in your neighborhood whistle for tbe family dog and get him ready for action. Milan Leader: The immense new smokestaok of W. P. Lamkin's milis was raised Monday of last week. It was 52 feet above the roof, and 20 incheB in diameter. Tuesday afternoon tbe work of taking down tbe stagiug was in progress, aud in faot nearly corupleted, when one of the 4inch gas pipes, over 40 feet high, forniing a part of the staging, got tbe start of the workmen and feil witb a crash, taking the hnge smokestack with it, and leaving it badly wreoked. Willie Scbmitt, who wa9 assistiug in tbe work, was violently tbrown throngb one of the Windows, nearly fracturing bis left arm and bruising bim severely. No one else was injured. The Worden sobool bolds a sooial tuis eveuing. A. F. Ball has completad bis new house in Milau. M. F. PrnddeD, of Chelsea, lost a horse last week. Frauk Nelsou bas removed from Cbelsea to Lausing. The dam at the Dundee paper mili gave way last week. Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cunningham, of Scio, Oot. 3, a danghter. loe was a quatter of an inuh thick in Milan, Wednesday night of last week. C. H. Wilaon bas r6shingled a good part of his large lumber house in Milan. The Northville sohools contributed $5.60 to the Layfayette memorial fund. The bell has beeo bung in the tower of the new Presbyterian ohuroh at Salino. Robert Walker bas purcüased and will remodel the Stol! residenoe in Dexter. The Ootuber meeting of the Chelsea counoil audited bilis amoanting to $1,171.76. A sooial will be held at Millatd PbilJins in Saline today for the benefit of the sohool. James Hogan bas shipped 1,100 sbeep from Chicago to Bridgewater in the past two weeks John Irwin, of Sbaron, bas been having considerable tronble with a nialignant ulcer on his hand. A nnmber of the hands in the Clinton Woolen Mills have been laid off nntil Deo. 1, an indioation of prosperity for the repnblioan orators. Clifford B. Shaw and Miss Mary Alice Briggs were married on Wednesday evening of last week at the home of the bride's father, Dexter Briggs, of Saline. The Saline Fatmers' club meets today at tbe home of G. L. Hoyt, in Lodi. Gilbert Hurd reads a paper on "Kenting Farms" and Miss Charles Miller reads an essay. Twenty-six young men from Sharon eulisted in tbe 20tb Michigan in 1862. Only two, Fred Lehman and C. C. Dorr, were left to attend the reuDion iu Battle Croek last week. Past Great Commander D. D. Aitken speaks at the Saline opera house Friday, Nov. 11, at 8 p. m., for tbe benefit of the Maccabees to whioh all are invitei. A banquet will follow the addres. William P. Griffln and Miss ArmiDa Gonld were married by the Rev. T. B. the home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gonld, of Saline. About 40 guests were present and the array of preseuta was a fine one. It soine times pays to draw potatoes to Ann [Arbor. William Bidwell, of Brighton, found that it did the other day, as wben he retorned he found a bonnoing boy at bis house tryiug to say "pa" who had not teen there when he left home. Chelsea Standard : Tbe Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat and Ypsilanti Weekly Times has taken toboasting and claims to print more news than any otber paper in the county. A paper with a name like tbat oaght to give its teaders more news than a paper with an ordinary name. New members are joiuing the Kuights of the Loyal Gnard at Saline, which has eleoted the following officers: Captain general, Rev. T. B. Leith; junior captain, A. A. Wood; recorder, A. M. Humhrey; paymaster, Geu. W. Barr; senior lieutenant, C. B. Rogers; jonior lieutanant, Elmer Blnm ; sentinel, Wm. Dell; auditors, Chas. Cobb, A. M. Humphrey, A. A. Wood.
The sad accident in Salem on Thursday of last week by which George C. Savery lost his life was briefly mentioned in the Argus-Democrat last week. Some further particulars may be given. Mr. Savery was hauling corn and was driving the team through a gate leading to the barn, when the gate swung upon the horses and frightened the.m They tore through the gate and a grandson who was standing near seized them by the bridle and was dragged some distance. When he let go the team and picked himself up he found his grandfather lying on the ground. He died in a few minutes. Mr. Savery was born in Plymouth, Mass., April 21, 1816, at the home of his pilgrim ancestors. He located in Dexter in 1856. His wife, Rachel L. Porter, of the Porter family, of revolutionary fame, died in 1886. Their oldest son, Lieut. S. Porter Savery, De Golias' battery, died in service in 1864. Three sons and one daughter survive him, Isaac, of Salem, Henry R., of Juniata, Neb., Gustavus A., and Mrs. Henriette E. Smith, of Detroit.
Times: The lOth reunión of the first oou6ins of Samuel Lewis, held last week Wednesday at the resideuce cf Peter Gill, of Cherry Hill, was a great sncoess. The 40 "relations" gathered together from the four corners of Michigan wade the day pass very quickly with their merry celebration. The young people c.coupied tbe time in becoming acquainted with one auother and the more staid guests in talking over the happenings of the past year. The dinner served by the hostess was very elabórate and was tbe euccess wbich only a counrty dinner can j sibly be. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis and Mrs. Daniel Carpenter, of Hudson; Mr. and! Mrs. Wm. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel' House, of Owosso; Mr. Addison Lewis, aud danghter, Mrs. Siuedley, of Byron, Miob. ; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis, of Olivia; Mr. and Mrs. M. Foster, of Gladwin; Mrs. Celestia Ourfcis, of Ann Arbor, and Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cnort and Miss Helen Hntobinson, of Battle Creek. Ypsilanti was representad by Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Cumstock, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hnfcchinsou, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lewis, Mrs. Olivia Gregory, Mrs. Louise Lemley, Mrs. EffieKnisley and Mrs. Bert Gregory.