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State Ticket

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For Governor-

Justin R. Whiting

For Lieutenant Governor- 

Michael F. McDonald

For Secretary of State-

Leroy E. Lockwood.

For Auditory Gengeral-

John C. Frisbie

For State Treasurer

Dr. Edgar B. Smith.

For Attorney General-

Royal A. Hawley

For Commissioner of State Land Office-

Carlton Peck

For Superintendent of Public Instruction-

John F. Evert.

For Member of State Board of Education-

George E. Willitts.

For Member of State Board of Education to fill vacancy-

Leston O. Chatfield.

Congressional Ticket.

For Member of Congress, Second Congressional District-

Orrin R. Pierce, of Lenawee

Legislative Ticket.

For State Senator-

Charles A. Ward, of Washtenaw.

For Member of the State Legislature, First District-

Nathan Sutton, of Northfield.

For Member of the State Legislature, Second District- 

Henry Stumpenhusen, of Ypsilanti Town

County Ticket.

For Sheriff-

John Gillen, of Saline

For County Clerk-

Jacob F. Schuh, of Ann Arbor,

For Treasurer-

George J. Mann, of Lodi.

For Prosecuting Attorney-

John P. Kirk, of Ypsilanti

For Register of Deeds-

Clifford R. Huston, of Ypsilanti

For Circuit Court Commissioners-

William H. Murray, of Ann Arbor

Tracy L. Towner, of Ypsilanti

For Coroners-

Benjamin F. Watts, of Ann Arbor

Christian F. Kapp of Manchester

For Surveyor-

Riley Hoppe, of Sylvan.