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JPr Governor - '■int-" JUSTIN R. WHITINO. . - '-TV ' ■"r Lieutenant-Governbr - ' ; '' MICHAEL F. MCDONA1.H ' " ■' Tr Secretary of State- ,,,U j LKROT E. LOCKWOOD. Vtor Auditor General- . ■ JOHN C. PRISBIE. " W State Treasurer- -r DR. EDGAR B. SMITH. ..,,,, . üto Attorney General- ROTAL A. HAMLET. 9ot Commissioner of State Land Ofño- CARLTOX PECK. &er Superintendent of Publlo Isatmo öon- JOHN F. EVERT. 9wr Member of State Board of Bduotlon- GEÍORGE E. WILLITT8. Tf Member of State Board of Bctaokttón, to fill vacancy- , JLEST.ON O. CHATFIELD. Congressional Ticket. Fot Member of Congress, Second Congressional District- OKRIN R. PIERCE, of Lenawee. Legislative Ticket. For State Senator- CHARLES A. WARD, of Wa8htenaw. For Member of the State Legislature, First District- NATHAN SUTTON, of Northfleld. For Member of the State Legislature, Seeond District- HENRY STUMPENHUSEN, of Tpsilanti Town. County Ticket. For Sheriff- JOHN GILLEN, of Saline. For County Clerk- JACOB F. SCHUH, of Ana Arbor, For Treasurer- GEORGE J. MANS. of Lodi. For Prosecutins: Attorney- - JOHN P. KIRK, of Ypsilanti. For Register of CliffordR. Huaton, of Ypsilanti. For Circuit Court Commissioners- WILLIAM H. MUKRAY, of Ann Arbor. TRACYL. TOWNER.OÍ Ypsilanti. For Cproners- BENJAMIN F. WATTS, of Ann Arbor. CHRISTIAN F. KAPP of Manchester. For Surveyor- ; r RILEY HOPPE, of'SylVan.