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Adrian Press Washtenawisms

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Au Aun Arbor jeweler, advertises for sale "ohafiDg" dishes. Pingree must have invested for half a dozen at least, by the way he pranoes aronnd. Over in Ann Arbor one night last week at a darjce, the innsio was furnished by tbe Chequamegon orohestra, the name of whicb hung on a oard on the wall. No one danced till they conld rnaster that name, and it was after 11 o'olock before the foot inovements took placo, and then the dancers were so tired that tliey wanted to qait in an honr. Big Iujun! Toin Kilpatrick, of Milan, is a retnrned Kloudiker, and sorne one says his fortune is "estiiaated" at $200,000. Bet the supervisor don't get Torn on the roll for half that, They rlon't assess on "'estimates. " The only thing an "estirnated" fortnne is good for is to oatch a wife or get business credit. It is olaimed that Kilpatriuk is going baok to tbe gold fields in the spring. Parriok O'Shaugbnessy is to go with hita. It vcill not hart us however, and hope it won't Kil Patriok. Dr.Wm. Blair has been appointed by th8 supervisors of Washtenaw oonnty, jail pbysioian at a salary of f 19..50 per year. It makes the other dootors sick, but Blair does not tend tbein. If the oourt woold subpena him as an expert, he wonld want $25 a day and then whine beoanse he didn't get euongh. The only way for a prisoner to be safe over there is not to be siok. Aun Arbor pi] 1 peddlers would like to contribute fnuds for another Blair statue, to be erected in Ann Arbor. The Ypsilauti Times is explaining about a rednction in wages at the Soharf box, tag and label faotory in that city, and it seeins to be more satisfaotory to the proprietors, than to the operatives who gtt it in the neok, when thfly had been looking for a balloon asceusion iu wages by reason, of the Dingley yeast cake of prosperity, that they got out of the MoKinley box a ooup'e years ago. Their "leaven" proved to be too "soggy. " It did not figure np much more thau seven and a half. Eigbleeu barrels of alcohol wore Iauded Jat the uuiversity last week for (0 cents a gallon. It is said that retailers pay $2.(0 per gallon, but that the eduoational institution reoeives it for "arts and scienoes," and gets a rebate of the iuternal revenue tax. Woudor if the board of supervisors of Lauawee oould inake sjme kind of a deal with Uuole Sam for "Old Crow," to be used in judicial siokness? Is not human Hfe worth more than Eoientifio knowledge? Is uot a Lenawee juror of move acnount than piokled snakes, horued toada aud abnormal tumors picklod in alcnhol? Listen to the verdiut of the jury.