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CAN LIVE A CENTURY f We Comply Promptly and Regularly With the Right Conditions. We Must Keep the Wearing-Out and the Building-Up Process in the System n Equilibrium - Dodd's Kidney Pilis do This, and so Ensure Long Life. In the days of old, reen and wouaeu ived to the age of several hnndred â– ears. They were yocths, strong, usty and vigorons, at an age at which vie are old, bent, wrinkled aud de-repit, and at whioh death comes as a weloome relief frora tronbles, painsand miseries that are now considered inseparable from old age. A man or woman aged 90 years, is now a comparative rarity. Iu the old days men were in their youth when hey were 90. There isno reason why a man shonld not reach the age of a hnndred in our owd time. If we took proper oare of onr health we oonld do so. We grow old, and die becanse om ysteia wears out, because the human machine is not repaired as rapidly as it wears uot in its different parts. Briefly, give the system plenty of )nre rioh blood with which to repair ta breakagee, and its wear and tear, and to fortify and strengthen itself, and we can delay the ravages of old age. To do this we must keep the kidoeys jerfectly healthy, for it is the kidneys ;bat keep the blood pure. If they becorne weak or diseased the blood beoomes filthy and weak, and disease and deatb follow. There is only oue way iu which we oan keep the kidnrys in coutiuual and ierfect health. That is by nsing Jodd's Kidney Pilis. They, and they only, of all the medioines known to man, act on the kidneys in suoh a way as tu make them wort natuiaUy, easi]y and effectively all the time. Use Dodd's Kidney Pilis aud yon put baok old age for 20 years, make the body strong aud healthy, and the mind bright and vigorous.