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Leadlng Republican papers of the State have commended the action of the Democratie State commlttee in refusing to nomínate regenta of the university, and all friends of the great institution of which our State is so jr y proud deplore the attenipt of thp t ngree gang to turn out men who ; -e qualifled, competent and experienced, and lili their places with Pingree henchmen. In this connection the followiug interview with Chairman D. J. Campau will be read with interest and approved by all citizens interested in the good name of our State and its great educational institutlon: "The committee was not disposed to give even a tacit approval of Gov. Pingree's attempt to make the University of Michigan a part of nis political machine and to punish the faculty foi their refueal to prostitute their positions by furnishing an official opinión for the purpose of assisting the governor in one of nis numerous controversies. It would be a public misf ortune if an edueatlonal instltution which is the pride of our state should be dragged into politics. It was to avoid this that the framers of our constitution wisely provided that the eleetion of regents should ba held in the spring when political issues are so largely subordiuated to the question of personal fitness. Kor half a century the power ot the governor to appolnt regents for the whole of the unexpired term stood unquestioned. Gov. Pingree is trying to oust two of the board of regents, who are honored rnembers of bis own political party, and to put one of his clerks into the place which the ablest citizens of Michigan have been proud to occupy. I was solicited by Gov. Pingree's friends to use my Influence with our committee in favor of following their example. I emphatically refused and both the executive and the campaign committees unanimously decided not to couutenance the governor's attemit to make our great university a mere political machine."