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Register tomortow, Saturday. Mr. and Mis. Don Jewett have a litttle baby girl. The repnblicans hold thoir mass meöting tonight. Miss Mary Harris feil froru her bicycle Satuiday and broke her leg. The D'Ooge bicyole oase will be tried the seoond time Satnrday, Nov. 12. Politics are more lively in Ypsilanti than in any other part of the oonnty. The infaDt son of Mr. and Airs. Fred "Wilbur died last Satnrday afternoon. Sixty-five conples atteoded the Hallowe'en dauce at tha Liight Guard hall. Tbe Ypsilanti schools contribnted ;$16.45 to the Lafayette memorial fund. The Cnrrent Events Clnb meets tonight at 7 :30 o'clook in the Y. W. C. A. rooms. The Married People's Clnb gave a dauce in Liight Guard hall Tuesday vening. John Smith, the instruotor in bioy■ole riding, broke his arm Tuesday in a bioyole oollisioii. Hon. E. P. Allen is oampaigning in tbe upper península making republi■oan speeohes. Rev. Henry Horton, of Ann Arbor, onduoted services in St. Luke's ohnrch laet Snnday morning. The Detroit Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor railroad bas voted to ereot f17,500 repair shups in Ypsilanti. Mayor Maybury, of Detroit, will deliver the address at the Cleary ooilege commencement exeroises Nov. 11. Harry Hodge, son of H. Hodge, of Ypsilanti, was ordained a Baptist minister in Boston, Mass., last week. A Eugene Field entertainment will ó e given at St. Luke's cburch house aest Wednesday for the benefit of the Snnday school library. H. C. Fitzgerald, of Philadelphia, gave a peouliar exhibition at the mineral bath house Tuesday afternoon dislocaing every bone in his body at will. Miss Luoy Richards, of Ypeilanti, and Frederiok Sobmid, of Wayue, were married on Wednesday of last week at the residenoe of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Welch. The Normal gymnasium will be open ïor the use of the Ypsilanti business .men two nights a week and this privilege slionld be taken advantage of by a goodly number of them. Charles E. Bogardns, son of Postinaster F. P. Bogardus, died on Wedaesday of last week, aged 39 years. He had been blind for the past eight years. He was formerly in the National Bank and later, until he was afflioted with blindness was au advauce agent for a tbeatrical company. C. H. Nims, the well known well driller will drill a well at Mt. Clemens OB the property of the Sisters of Charity, of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is to reoeive $3,000 for the ouutraot. This is tbe eighth well Mr. Nims bas drilled at Mt. Clemens. He seems to have good luck with mineral wells. He ■put down the two in Ypsilanti which both proved sucoessful and tapped the vilest sinelling stafï that conld be deaired. Times: Hallowe'en operators seem to have been partioularly aotive last evening. All along the streets Tnes-dav morning broken faitobing posts, ■overturned horse hlocks, signs in unwonted pusitions and shattered fences and gates testified to tbe presenoe of the annual misobief maker. Several laughable inoidents and one or two of a more serious nature were witnessed by chance passers by. In one instance a ■deputy attempted to ariest the riugleadeis in a gang of maranders and was -promptly set upon and quite severely tieaten. Those who ohanoed to be on Congress st. about 10 o'clook saw the riohest sight of the season. Suddenly a large orowd of men and boys appearéd around Huron st. running for dear Hfe and closely pursued by an exceedingly ■wrathy and datermined looking oitizen arrayed in the long, white garinent whioh custom makes sacred to the sleeping apartment. Holding the aforesaid garinent well above his knees for greater convenience in running, pantiug from his uuaocustomed exertions, the enraged honseholdet kept steady upon tbe trail, although bearis of perspiration were forced ftom his forehead and heartfelt exclamations from his lips by the frequent injuries resulting to his bare feet from cobble stooes. A f ter a run of some five blooks the thoroughly eniaged citizen gave up the ohase and sorrowfully retumed to -his home. Why isn't a wife the better half when ehe's always getting the best of the other half?