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fondón, Nov. 1. - It is probable that the cause of the activity in British military and naval quarters is the news f rom Paris that Francewilltry toreopen, the whole Egyptian question in connection with the Fashoda affair. This would put in the hands of Europe the question of British occupation of Egypt, a situation that could not but be looked upon with suspicion by Great Britain. The Daily Mail this morning publishes no news England's var preparations, explaining that silence is due to a letter from the war office askingr it not to publish "anything which might be useful to a possible enemy." "We intend to ascertain today," saya The Daily Mail, "from the war office and the admiralty exactly what kind of rews it would be permissible to publish." The Daily Mail conflrms the reports of unexampled activity at the Frenen dockyards, notably Toulon, where the coast fortliave been experimenting with melinite shells against an l old gunboat." Most of the papers are full of alleged war preparations despite the undoubted fact that the authorities are doing their best to discourage publication, and are even denying statements that have already appeared. Yesterday a sudden order was received at Dover for an experimental mobilization of the defense forces. All the heights and forts were smartly occupied in a manner giving satisfaction. The arsenal at Woolwich is working until 11 o'clock every night, the government having given large orders for guns. searchlights and other naval equipment. The British channel squadron has cast anchcrr off Gibraltar. The advices from Paris in the special dispatches this morning add little to what was already known regarding the situation at Fashoda. It is believed that Captain Baratier is taking only verbal instructions for Major Marchand. The idea prevails at the French capital that Count Muravieff, the Russian foreign minister, while there on his recent visit promised Russian support in reopening the whole Egyptian question. and that Major Marchand will be instructed to f all back and maintain his occupation of all Bahr-El-Gazel. The Cairo correspondent of The Daily Mail says an Egyptian battalion has been dispatched to Fashoda.