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Judson Denies It

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Under the caption of "Paid $1250 to ■settle" the Ann Arbor Register lished a column article Thursday charging that the defendants in the oase of i Howard Stockwell vs. Wm. Jndson, Lester Oanfield Joseph L. Doane and : ■others for damages for false imprisonment had paid the plaintiff $1250 to settle the case and 'discontinue ings although the Register does not disclose its authority for flxing the ■ ïtmount paid at $1250. The settlement is said to have been made through Mayor Starkweather of Plyinouth. The Register says "when the rumor !ame that a settlement had been made reporter went to Plymouth to learn ' the parti&nlars. Mr. Starkweather stated that parties representing both Stockwell and the defendants met in ' Tiis office on Wednesday Nov. 9 and ' there concluded the agreement which had been in negotiation for some time and which is referred to in the above letter. Mr. Starkweather who is a . perfectly reliable man informed the Register that the terms of the release Tvhieh Stockwell signed were that he "svould not prosecute further any one of , the various defendants in the above mentioned case. In consideration of his signing such an agreement he was liberally paid. Mr. Starkweather said that he himself counted out the cash 1 and upon Stockwell 's signing the ' lease turned the money over to him. 'Thus the case against Judson has been ' 'dropped" and Gov. Pingree can ' point him warden if he desires that is ! if he considers such a settlement a ' dication of the defense. The fact that even a dollar was paid to settle the case will convince most people that the : fense realized that they were sure to lose if the suit ever came to trial. ' ' The Register also says "Then too a -gentleman who is in the closest touch with Goveruor Pingree had to the Register's certain knowledge heard the governor say that unless the Stockwell ase against Judson was dropped or else the sheriff came out unscathed he would not longer consider Judson as a candidate for the appointment as warden. This statement we understand was made only a few weeks ago. Immediately negotiations were begun. ' ' Sheriff Judson had gone to Stockbridge before the Argus reporter had a chance to submit the Register article to him but the following statement was obtained f rom Mr. Judson 's attorney John F. Lawrence. The settlement with Stockwell was made by Doane alone. Mr. Judson knew nothing of it until three days after it had been made, did not pay a cent towards it and repudiates the agreement. Doane paid Stockwell 1350 being the amount due Stockwell from Doane at the time of Stockwell 's arrest last winter. ' ' When the motion for a continuance was made by the plaintiff before the Livingston circuit court Wednesday, O. E. Buttefield of Lawrence and Butterfield, representing Mr. Judson, said that his cliënt knew nothing of the settlement, had nothing to do with procuring it and did not pay a dollar towards it, did not wish to take advantage of it and declined to plead it. His cliënt was ready for trial then or at any other time. The settlement of Stockwell with Doane has developed the fact that Stoekwell had already assigned all of his interest in possible damages to his attorneys, Orane Brothers, of Saginaw. The Register publishes a letter from Crane Bros. to Hon. A. J. Sawjer, which clearly set forth this fact and the fact that Stockwell had left for parts unknown in Canada. He says the settlement was broiight about by representations on thef part of some of the defendants and offers to assist in setting the case continued.