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Since the Main st. pavement has been completed, and the contrast between dry footing and oceans of sloppy mud has been sharply drawn, property owners on unpaved streets have been tumbling over each other to get the next piece of pie from the municipal counter. The Washington st. petition has already been acted upon by the council, and the engineer's office is now preparing the details for the work from Aslhy to Fif th ave. The Huron st. petition which is now being circulated contemplates an asphalt pavement from Ashley to State a distance of six blocks. The advisability of putting asphalt on Huron st. west of Fif th ave. is questioned by the best authorities. It is hoped tliat the gentlemen circulating the Huron st. petition will be successful in securing the signatures of a sufficient number of property owners to carry it. When that is done the good work should be pursued up State st. to the campus, where it is believed the state can be induced to take it up and pave the inner drive around the campus which is state property. This latter proposition is one which shonld be canvassed by our citizens. It is believed that white the city is pushing improvements of this character the university authorities will be willing to join hands with them. If this work can all be successfully carried out next summer Ann Arbor will be made a much pleasanter place in which to live.