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Washtenaw County

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Washtenaw County

There are no vacant houses in Manchester.

The parochial school in Freedom has 22 scholars.

The Saline river has overflowed its banks at Milan.

Thomas Thorn, of Manchester, has erected a new barn.

D. M. Bainbridge takes charge of the Clinton post office Dec. 1.

Rev. Paul Irion dedicated a new church in Three Oaks Sunday.

The Milan K. of P. lodge will give their third annual ball, Dec. 30.

Frank Draper, of Milan, has been mustered out of the 32d Michigan regiment.

Gallop & Lewis, of Jacskon, have opened a branch furniture store in Manchester.

Herman Fischer and Ottie Brise, of Salem, were married Thursday by Rev. Wm. Fischer.

The Forty Hours' Devotion will open in St. Mary's church, in Chelsea, on Sunday, Dec. 11.

William Bigelow, a former resident of Bridgewater is dead. His death occurred in Dundee.

The Congregational church, of Chelsea has extended a call to Rev. Carl S. Jones, of Pinekney.

Miss Belvia Waters is teaching the winter term of school in the Dorr trict of Manchester.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gooding, of Milan, have added a fine healthy little boy to their family.

Abont 400 gallons of milk are shipped daily from Milan and Azalia for the Detroit market.

Frank W. Hunt and Miss Dora Hamilton were married in Milan Nov. 16, by Rev. F. O. Jones.

Ed. Uphaus, of Sharon, who has been home on a 60 days' furlough, has rejoined his regiment.

Albert E. Case, a wealthy farmer of Milan, who settled there in 1833, died Sunday aged 70 years.

Verne Hathaway, of York, has gone to Los Angeles, Cal. . to take a position in the car shops there.

The night train north on the Jackson branch passess throngh Manchester 15 minutes later than usual.

Mrs. Lydia Walter died Nov. 14, at the home of her son Dwight Walter in Bridgewater, aged 80 years.

The Bridgewater farmers' social club held its first meeting this season Friday evening at the home of Wm. Dewey.

Some one on the road between Willis and Whittaker must have picked up $15, which Herbert Braman lost.

Edward Hindelang died at his home in Chelsea, Nov. 17, of appendicitis, aged 38 years. He leaves a wife and three children.

A. F. Freeman, the Manchester legal light, is up to the times and has constructed a private telephone line between his house and office.

Albert Peara, of Dundee, who broke his foot a year ago and was laid up all winter, has been thrown from his wagon and broken an arm.

Archie Crane, of Bridgewater, has sold his crop of 1,500 bushels of potatoes for 25 cents a bushel. Frank Jenkins sold 800 bushels for the same pirce.

Jacob Luick, of Lima township, was in the city Friday and took home a load of tile for a neighbor. Mr. Luick is a firm believer in under draining, having laid over $1,000 worth of tile on his own farm.

A hunting party consisting of J. D. Gage, Howard Clark, Erwin Clark, of Saranac, Ed. Braun and Will Holmes, had great sport in the big marsh near Manchester one day this week. They bagged 51 quail and partridge and seven rabbits.

George J. Nissley, the lively poultry man of Saline, during the past week has taken in at Saline and Bridgewater 36,577, pounds of turkeys; 7,375 pounds of chickens and 6,281 pounds of ducks and geese, a total of 50,233 pounds for which he paid the farmers $4,593.

Henry Conley and Miss Mary Quigg, both of Webster, were married Nov. 16 by Rev. Fr. Norton. They left for a southern bridal trip, after which they will occupy the new residence on the farm of the groom's father, Michael Conley.

Samuel Baruard, one of Ypsilanti's best known and most highly respected citizens passed quietly away Friday evening. He had been a resident of the city for 33 years, during 17 years of which time he was superintendent of the Peninsular Paper mills.

Dexter Leader: "A preacher in a near town is said to have announced that he would discuss a family scandal from the pulpit, and as a result every seat in the church was filled long before time for church services, many standing in the aisles and a look of satisfaction on the faces of the entire congregation. The shrewd master of the flock then proceeded to discourse on Adam and Eve. ' '

The Saline high school football team won from Clinton eleven at Saline Friday by the score of 12 to 0. The Clinton team was much heavier, but the locals played too fast for them. The feature of the game were long runs by Saline halfbacks, one by Leith netting a touchdown in two minutes play. The visitors could not gain around the ends, but in the last half bucked the line with great success, and once had the ball within two yards of Saline's goal, but lost it.

L. L. James has closed his clothing store in Dexter.

Dan Thomas is building a new residence in Hamburg.

The grocery at Pittsfield Junction has gone out of business.

The electric road to Dexter and Lansing will not be started before spring.

The Congregational church, of Dexter, will hold a fair Dec. 16 and 1 7.

M. S. Cook and James Gallagher, of Dexter, will put a handsome steam launch on Base Lake.

Fred A. Peters spends Sunday with his parents, in Scio. He will sail for New South Wales Dec.. 20.

Seventy Normal students, under Prof. Sherzer, visited Parke, Davis & Co. 's laboratory in Detroit Saturday.

Pingree 's future majorities are supposed to be increased by the birth of a son in the family of John State in Scio.

The little danghter of Peter McGunn, of Scio, was severely burned the other day by overturning a pail of hot lime.

Frank C. Heath and Miss Lena Swick, of Milan, were married Saturday. They are prominent in Milan society circles.

The annual supper and entertainment of the congregation of St. Joseph's church, Dexter, will be given Thanksgiving evening.

The big dynamo for the Dexter electric light works is daily expected and that burg will then put on city airs and keep in the procession.

Branch No. 410 of the Ladies' Catholic Benevolent Society was instituted at Ohelsea Monday, by the deputy,Mrs. Tyrrell, of Jackson, with 20 charter members.

Elmer Bassett, of the 34th Michigan, retuned to Saline Saturday from Boston, where he had been in a hospital for three months. He saw service at Santiago.

The residence of John Hall, of Dexter, came near burning down last Thursday night owing to a defective chimney. The family were nearly suffocated before they awoke.

Ypsilanti will be compelled to pass a legal bicycle ordinance. Wm. Bostwick, superintendent of the Ypsilanti gas company, was Friday acquitted of violating a city ordinance prohibiting bicycle riding on the sidewalk, on the ground that the ordinance was fatally defective from not having been properly recorded. The city will now take steps toward getting a legal ordinance.