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The fall meeting of the Michigan Schoolmasters' Club, being the íilst meeting of the organization, will be held in this city on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 25 and 26. The sessions will be held in the School of Mtisic und on local time. The Michigan Schoolmasters' Club has, during the 15 years of its existence, become one of the most important organizations of educators in our country. Fomided originalïy as an association of high school principáis and secondary teachers, it has broadened its scope until it embraces in its membership inany of the ablest and brightest educators of the country, not alone from ;he secondary schools, but from the colleges and universities. lts programs are always varied and instructive. The sapers and discussions are such as in;erest the layman as well as tlie pro'essional. The program for the apxroaching meeting is no exception. Friday afternoon's session will be opened by Prof. Springer of our own ïigh school who will read a paper on 'Commercial Coiirses in the High School" and the discussion will be led by Cari C. Marshall, of Battle Creek. 'Manual Training in the High School" is the subject of a paper by Supt. MacKenzie, of Muskegon. W. C. Skinner, of the Toledo Manual Training school, will lead the discussion of this paper. Friday evening there will be an adIress by Dr. B. A. Hinsdale of the university on "The End of Education: 's it Knowledge, Development, or Social Adaptatiou. " Pi-of. H. C. Adams will discuss it. Saturday morning's program is as 'ollows: "Professional Training of 3igh School Teachers, ' ' by Pres. R. G. 3oone, of the Normal school and Principal A. J. Volland, of Grand Rapids. At the so-called "Principal's Round Table" the following topics will be reated: "Literary and Debating Societies;" "Marking Systems and Grades of Diplomas; "Rhetorical Excerises;" 'Athletics," the papers being by Principal G. W. Peavy, of Flint high school ; Principal J. H. Harris, Bay City ; Principal W. D. Baker, ' Battle Creek; Principal C. E. Holmes, Lansing high school, respectvely. No session has been arranged for Satdaury aftemoon but the "Round Table" discussions will probably extend over :o the af ternoon.