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A Cheap Picture Frame

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A pretty and iuexpensive frame suitable for a Christruas present uiay be made by deft fingers at a slight expense and comparatively.little trouble. Froni thin strips of wood or heavy cardboard a frame four or five iuohes wide shonld be made, the corners well fltted, although rougbness of finish does nofc matter. This frame is to be oovered with colored denim, crape oloth or any material suitable, put ou full, gathered to the inside edge and fasteued well by small upholstery tacks on the wrong side of the frame. As a finish for the outer edge, a strip of polished wood may be put on with large ornamental brass headed tacks. For the iuner edge a gilt beading or molding should be used to give the neoessary bright border to the picture, and this must be arefuïly rnitered and glued to place. A taek or so will also help holcl it. For water colors or etchings dainty cretonnes and china silks may be used as coverings, and for small frames the material could be put on plainly and a silk gimp used for the outer edge in place of the wood slrip. A novelty centerpiece for the table and a pleasant gift is a combination caudelabra and fernery. An elegant design con_sists of a rose pink candle, placed in a cluster of ferns in an oval dish, whilo on either side are flower holders of Venetian glass with silver standard. ■ New Yoik Tribune.