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Wm. C. Reinhardt

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1 ií f THE NEW SH0E FR WOMEN Id order to form an intelligent and correct - 3" " idea of SOROSIS shoes you must wear a pair y. nd experience the satisfaction of knowing ;■: , ;hat your feet are correctly and stylishly iHTí % iressed and also enjoy that sense of reatful g' jomfort, which is not the least, of their def H It is necessary to understand once and fov fj&S a.11 that SOROSIS shoes must be classed fëÊ tirely by themselves. They must not be '■■''-ïM m 7 jonfounded with other shoes because they éÊÊM L? look similar or because they lace or button jt have soles, heels and toes. All shoes or almost all shoes are made of leather, have ;'Av soles and uppers and either button or lace. The truth is SOROSIS shoes are a revelation bLë to wearers and to makers of shoes ; they are fé;1 v the acknowledged standard and what all '- uu7 W makers are now endeavoring to imítate. jmni..iir Everywhere vpO.OU America. SOROSIS on every sole. Do not take substitutos. "Just-as-good as Sorosis" has caused unhappiness to deluded purchasers, Set the genuine article. Sold exclusively by 213 S. riAIN ST., ANN ARBOR.