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HARD TOEXPUIN. f this Had Occurred Anywhere Else Than in Ann Arbor There Miglit be Grave Doubts About it. If this wcre published anywhere but In Ann Arbor, that is, ii the statement g-lven below went the rounds of tue prees, readers in Boston or New Orleans would not believe it. In the very nature if thinsrs, men and women will not believe that a simple little pill would have any effect on humanity when the subject is in aserious condition. When i t has that effect, when the party Is a living witness, perhaps a nelghbor, Ann Arbor people at least cannot possibly deny it- particularly so when investigation is courted. Now ask Mrs. Sarah Gray. of 600 Kingsley street, and see if she will not corrobórate personally what she says publicly. Mts. Gray, says: "I have been roubled inore or less with my kidneys 'or the past flve years, but during the ast two it assumed a much more agravated and persistent form. There vas extreme weakness and depressing )ains through my loins and also pains n my shotilders, at times runuiug down irough the rnuscles of my limbs. ; I ould not rest comfortably nights and : times feit so miserable that I could ïardly get around. The kidney secrelons became highly colored, variable nd deposited quantities of brick dnst ediment. I went to Eberbach & Son's rug store and got Doan's Kidney Pilis. ?hey relieved me very promptly and ïave been a source of great comfort to ie. I would not be without them for nything. I have tised many other ridney remedies but Doan's Kidney ills are by far the best of all. ' " Doan's Kidney Pilis are for ' sale by .1 dealers. Price. 50 cents. Mailed y Foster-Milburn Co. , Buffalo, N. Y. , ole agents for the United States. lemember the name Doan's and take oother. .{U.-sfl ..■■ " AVitalizingTouch Under the vitalizing touch of the beautiful e are, as it were. redeemed, :tnd our conciousnees is 6 lied with the thought that life good. Trythls dellghtful antidote for deression. Ve sell all kinds of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS # The Schaeberle ...flusic Store own on Liberty St. but only 3 doors from Main St., Ann Arbor. AUGUST G. KOCH, ÜEALEK IN Stapie ai)d Fai)cy Groceries resh Fruits and Vegetables in Season. NEW SAUERKRAUT. Phone324New?tate. 206 EAST WASHINGTON STREET. jVIGHIGAN (TENTRAI " The Masara Fallí Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Taking Effect August U, 189S. GOING EAST. Atlantic Express 5 55 a. m. Detroit Night Ex 7 45 Grand Kapids Ex 11 10 Mail and Express 3 47 p. m. N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 4 58 Fast Eastern. 9 43 GOINU WE3T. Boston, N. Y. & Ch 8 13 a. m. Mail & Express..; 9 18 Fast Western Ex 1 38p.m. G. H. & Kal. Ex 5 45 Chicago Night Ex 9 43 Pacific Express 12 30 O.W. EÜGGLE8 H. W . HA YES, Q. P. T. Agent Chicago. Ag't Ann Arbor TIME TABLE. Taking Effect Nov. 17, 1898. Trains leave Ann Arbor bv Central Standard time NOKTH. SOÜTS. , j 8:43 A. M. 7:25 A. M. 12:40 P. M. 11:25 A. M. 4:66 p. M. 8:40 p. m. Trains marked thus run between Ann Albor and Toledo only. E. S. GILMORE, Agen W. H. BENNETT. G. P. A.