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Poorly Paid Doctors

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A meeting of the medical societies of Wayne and Waahtenaw connties was held at the Ypsilanti sauitariuni by invitation of the director of that institutiou. One huu dred and tweuty-flve physicians attended. After dinner the assemblage repaired to the operating room on the second floor to listen to the toasts. President Honnor, of the Wayne County Medical Society, in kis introdnetory remarks, referred to the college "rush" of the other day and said that he had beeu glad to get nvay with a whole skin. Ör. C. C. Yemans tendered those present the hospitality of (he institutiou on behalf of its directois. Dr. James Huestqniesponded forthe organization -J"" -"aM Dr. O. W. Owen started out by saying "I don 't propose to fry any Bacon with you, gentlemen; or shake a spear at yon, bnt I do want to protest vigorotisly against the prostitutiou of the medical profession that has been goiug on for some time and that has resulted in the lowering of the fees of the physicians until he is almost on a levol in that respect with the common laborer. " He cited a case in point oí' a medical man who had made an expert examination of a case of iusanity that required a half a day and only received $7. 50 f rom the probate court. In stentorian toues he called upon the professsiou to correct the abuse, and restore the famfly physician of the hoiisehold by redncing the number of medical colleges. George A. Kirker responded vto"" the toast, "The Wayne County Medical Society." Dr. John Mulheron followed with a talk ou hydropathy in Europe. The meeting conclnded with a burst of oratorical fireworks on the part of Dr. James Sampson, of Windsor. He fchought it wasnnkind of the conductor of the electric car to stop right in front of a cemetery on the way out, as medical men do not like to be reminded of some of their patients in that way.