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THE STORE MARVELOUS COAflÑDCAPE REDUCTIONS NOW INSTEAD OF JANUARY. Downright, Absolute, Unhesitating; Cloak Selling-, & tÍ n t n x ? ;, o !Íth PriC6S 'Wer tha" ha 6Ver bee" aPProached in this city or any other city in Michiqan. The Cloak Department of the Store has for years been pushed more vigorously than any other in our busines and has arown to anun portance altogether out of proportion to the size of this town. The represéntate here of fashionable outer wraps for ladies both ,n vanety and nchness of matenal and up to the moment styles has been fully on a par with that in the largest cUies. The produchon of such makes as Benjamin & Caspary, Oppenheim, Collins & Co., Cari Rosenbaum & Co. and many others whose names head the hst of fash.onable eloak makers m th.s country are found here in full assortment and usually at a third less than the same garments can be found in New York or Detroit. This jear our purchases of cloaks have been so enormous that we have now hanging upon our racks OVER ONE THOUSAND LADIES WINTER WRAPS That must be sold this season. a condiiion that requires the most heroic treatment and which we propose to meet in this wayEvery ladies misses' and child's Jacket and Cape in our cloak department go into A Great 1O Days1 Sale Commencing Wednesday, Dec. 7, ending Saturday, December 17. Jftt Lot ï==$5-95 Reduced from up to $10.0.0. m iW A Teï ïri,Ha"S0!?e fatf ?rth UP t0 $ÍO'' grUPed t0gether at $5-95 for choice. Fine Kersey Curiy Boucles, É - Xfr W Scotch Cheviots Coat and Storm Collars, all beautifully lined with Taffeta, Silk or Satin, or Satín Rhadame W Ü tijFwim$È Colors, Black, Blue, Royal, Tan, Castor and Brown. _4èsJSii Wmi' Lot 2 ==$8.50, Reduced from up to $15.00. fli II Jpl ore tha" 3OO up to $15.00 Ladies' Jackets in this class. Jaunty 22 inch Kersey Box Front Coats, Venetian Cloth I LáJfi , ghm Persian Cloth, Fine Curled Boucle and other swell styíes. Round Fronts, Dipped Fronts, LongSwallowtail Stvles' ■WSïïigkr: fCf Wn;'; hk every one made by the best men=tailors in this season's approved styles. ' . ' ' %M?Wwm kmi$W Lot 3 $ii.95 Reduced from up to $30.00. ' ' ;; .' - 'mÊm? At this suicidal reduction you get your choice of any Jacket in our Cloak Department, the richest creations brought out by Eastern Hanufacturers this season Plain, Braided, Embroidered, all Strictly Tailored, representing all the proper colors and shades, long, short and medium lengthi Z dt and I round frtnts' every imaginable style and cloth that's ultra fashionable is here and your choice of the lot $11.95. tot PLUSH AND CLOTH CAPES ; ' %L3 ilsi$6.00 Ladies' BOUCle CaOCS Splendidly lined, are first-class in évëry way, reduced to sell Por IO Have fit 1 ácr Up to $ïo,oo Capes Reduced to $5.95. ' " ME IMIIIíÉk 5 PlüSh CapeS' inade f Si!k Rain Proof Flush' Wel1 Lined, 27 inches long, best Tlnbeí luir Trimming, at 5.65. . -P H Up to $12.50 Capes Reduced to $6.98. . Silk Lined Cloth and Plush Capes, 30 inches long, Ml sweep, the Flush Capes made of the noest Dobson & Salt's Plnshes Cloth C-ioes in a v V M; great variety of style and all at $6.98. " "' ' .rjjfflHHB "o YV;;ifl Velvet CapeS aild JaCketS Ex(lui!telL Uecorated Newest Persian Designs, Magnificent Cloth Capes, All f Hlf Oriro f9' r all bample Garments, ranging in price from $25.00 to $50.00. tvl1 "■- ■ rHtC SWi t Ladies' Tailor-Made Suitsff R éé house wrapper To Close fc Price. I U ï P REDUCTION S iSo Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits worth from $ lo.oo to T tó [Q ((J , adieg, Wrappers reduced for ,h W'ÊË Í3O.OO, all going in this sale at one-half price. g I B - , ji sale from $loo and t . 350 79c. S - -_ _- . 11 lij ffll lOl? fr.i 5 doz. Ladies1 Fleeced Wrappers, reduced from '! - fK 131 Bril ffl tl Él Si.5o,3i.75andS2.ootoSi.2(,. JÍ#W Ladies' All Wool i() tLVB&iUsbtUy m WÊÊ JÉ Standayd Calicó Wrappers, Blue, Black and Fancy ■JfJ e ts , t h e $1 kin d , YnEmTL ' H f v 1 1, f 4_Jm . ■ - r '"Qftj T Coney, Astrachan, Krimmer Electric "'-JÊ WwÊ f1 Bfl I ■ í. I 'itasstwfc ssr!hlsiiufr'pjt."? ni y5?#s m3ck níosnss # stVorey ""Reduced WKSSC combination eflfects, 2.00 to $30.00. QÍi VN V U0 A Wllíl1 S II U U f "children's Jacksts C3T m j , TB ÊlA CHR1STMAS Splthtsat:SaOtrí4eneOd;hcteimon?llareÍn " ' 0 -.MLJ l; Dry Goods Dry Goods