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win. waiz nas secured liis clischarg from Co. A, 31st Michigan. Eugene Debs, the great labor agita tor, speaks before the Good Goveru ment Club, Feb. 3. The average attendance at the Bibl Chair Classes of the Students' Chris tian Association thisyear has been 180 D. B. Gregory, of Gregory, and Miss Hattie Hudson, of Dexter, wer married Weduesday by Rev. T. W. Young. The section gang of the Ann Arbor road is engaged iu removing the earth waslied on the tracks at the crossing of W. Washington st. The sewer committee this aftornooi takes tip the consideratiou of the storm sewer 011 Hurou st. , preparatory to the paving of the street. The case against Welch, the returned soldier, chargfed with vagraucy, was today disoon'tiimed ou the order of the prosecutiug atforney. The Webster .society tonight discusses the abolition of the pension system anc the building instead of homes for disabled soldiers and sailors. William .Rheiuhart, the populai shoe merchant, is being groomed foi the mayoralty nomination ou the republican ticket next spring. Winfred S. Gilbert has been chosen president of the Students' Christian Association. He is froru Spokane, Wash., and is a member of the Episcopal chtirch. There seems to be a sharp demand for houses for rent. Fred Weinberg has already rented three of the four new honses he is building and none of them are yet completed. President Angelí has declined the iuvitation of President Harper, of Chicago University, to deliver the Januiiry convocation address, but will deliver the April gradnating address. Timothy Mahouey has sold his bowling alley on S. Main st. , to Herbert E. Lehr, a post gradúate dental student, from Rede, 111. , and Hubert D. Russell, a freshman medie of Battle Creek. On Tuesday, Dec. 13, Ann Arbor Lodge, B. P. O. Elks, will give a reception and banquet in honor of the laaies ana gentlemen who assisted ín the production of "The Two Vagabonds. ' ' The papers in the cases of Joseph E. Gage vs. Pittsfield township, Chas. M. Webb vs. Caroline Feathers estáte, and D. R. Doane vs. the Caroline Feathers estáte, were sent to Lansiug for the snpreme court today. The snit of C. L. Davisón against the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor railway for the destructiou of his buggy on Thanksgiving day ou Packard st. , will be tried in Justïce Duffy's court, Jan. 9. The sint is for $50. The annual co-ed freshman spread takes place this evening. Each junior takes a freshman to the party. The expenses are paid by an assessment of 50 ceuts on each sophomore student, and as the girls put it : The first year yon attend you go free, the second year y ou pay for others' f uu and the third year you again go free. William Andrés, treasurer of Scio township, will be at the county treasnrer's office in the court house Thursday, Dec. 15, 22 and 29, to receive taxes. Friday, Dec. 16, 23 and 30, he will be at his home, and on Saturday, Dec. 10, 17, 24 and 31, he will be at the Dexter Saivngs Bank for the sanie purpose. Golden Rule Lodge, No. 15Í) elected officers last eveniug for the ensuing year as f ollows : W. M. , Herman F. Miller ; S. W. , W. H. Butler ; J. V. , Sid W. Millard; treasurer, L. C. Goodrich; secretary, Norman Gates; S. D. , Charles Kyer; J. D. Theo. A. Reyer; tyler,H. B. Dodsley, The coming year will be the 18th couseeutive year that Mr. Gates has been secretary of Golden Rule Lodge. Arbor Lodge, No. 55, Degree of Houor, A. O. U. W. , elected at its regular meeting last night, the following officers: P. C. of H., Mrs. Sarah Sinke ; C. of H. , Mrs. Sarah Rehberg ; L. of H., Miss Alice Butler; C. of C, Mrs. Jennie Wotzke; recorder, Mrs. Mary Kern ; financier, Mrs. Julia Luick ; receiver, Mrs. Pauline Baumgardner; S. U. , Miss Anuie Lucas; I. W. , Mrs. Kate Kranich ; O. W. , Mrs. Christine Fischer. There are floating rumors of ladies being robbed of their purses, but no eomplaints have been made to the pólice excepting that of the robbery of ex-postmaster Duffy's daughter. Another young lady is said, however, to have been robbed of her pnrse a night or two before. One or two other rumors are afioat aud one which seemed to be tangible was run down by au Argus reporter only to flnd that it originated in the grabbing of Miss Duffy's purse. The seniors in steani engineering of the mechanical engineering department, are to have some practical experience at the works of the Peninsular Paper Co. , in Ypsilanti. The faculty have made arrangements whereby the stndents will have the benefits of a series of boiler tests at the Paper Co. 's ncw plant. The tests will be to determine the most econornical kind of coal to use with the boilers, the nature and temperature of the gases leaving the furnace; the temperatnre of the fire aud power of the boilers. The experiments will require threè Saturdays. Dr. Kapp promised before he left on his recent hunting trip to send Albert C. Schumacher some venison. Bert's mouth long watered for some. Yesterday he received an express package from the doctor on whiclr there was fiO I I cents due. He was sure it was venison I ymtil he noticed a suspicious odor about i ( it. On opening the package he fouud ! a porcupine and a small earnivorous animal with odor enough for a whole menagerie, commonly known as a skunk. Now, Bert claims that these are all the doctor shot aud expresse his willinguess to prove it. He is rather inclined to think the doctor took one of the little animáis for a deer and the other for a bear. From Scturdav's Daüy Argus. 4 Wm. Walsh is 'alreadyüt workplae" ing McCormick harvesting machinery for next year. The electric liglit works are furuish ing 700 more electric lights than they did three months ago. f Fred C. "Weiuberg is building three new dwelling honses on Edwin st. , in the Lawrence addition. Count Villa intends organiziug two football teams at Dawson city on his return to the Kloudike. Seventeen persons are to be receivec into the membership of the Congrega tioual church tomorrow. The Methodist church in Öowell has a Judson mission band. Our sherif should keep his eye on it. Washtenaw county collected f84,825. - 01 liquor taxes this year from 69 saloons and five brevveries. Hon. A. L. Brick, a newly elected menïber of congress from Indiana, is a gradúate of the university. Supper will be served at'tle Trini ty jutheran church parlors this evening from 5 to 9 o'clock for 10 cents. All the iron work on the maiu bnildug of the university has been completed and the Work has been accepted. Detroit is patterning after Anu Arbor in trying to confer greater dignity pon its justice courts and the Detroit awyers are in consultation about it. It looks probable that the prisonmaking of furniture at Ionia would be bandoned. The number of inmates of his prison has fallen from 550 to 440. Ben Mummery says that the rumör f his marriage tías no foundaton. He s still free from all entanigling aliances and will remain sountil fnrther otice. notice. The students are raising funds to get testimonial tokens for the football team, to mark the esteem in which the team is held for winning the football championship. Col. Tyrrell, of Jackson, is to be appointed brigadier -egneral in charge of the state national guard. The members of the 31st Michigan will be glad to learn of the promotion of their old colonel. Prof. Jacob Eeighard speaks highly of the fish hatcheries. He also states that the food supply of fish in the great lakes is light on account of l the nature of the shore lines and tlie depth of water. The Saline Presbyterian chnrch will be dedicated tomorrow, Rey. J. M. Gelston, of this city, will conduct the afternoon service at 3 o'clock. The morning service will be couducted by Rev. J. M. Barkley, of Detroit. The new pipe organ will be used for the first time. The shells and fishes on the north side of the third floor of the museum are being moved tip a story and being washed with lyeand water, so as to brighten and clean them. This move is being made to gain room for the great Stearns collection of musical instrumeuts. Washington dispatch says : The 31st Michigan will leave Knoxville for Savannah within a week. The regiment will only remain a day or so at Savanuah when it will take passage for Cuba. It will be located in Santa Clara province. Col. Gardener says the boys are all anxious to go to the island. Fraternity Lodge, No. 262, F. & A. M. , elected the following offleers for the ensuing year last night : W. M. , Ehner E. Beal ; S. W. , Walter T. Seabolt; J. W. , A. A. Pearson; treasurer, C. E. Hisccck; secretary, C. W. Greenman; S. D. , John Liudenschmitt; J. D., Frank H. Warren; tyler, Thomas Talyor. J. E. Beal has given f25 towards a testimonial for the Oratorical Association. Mrs. Abbie Hitchcock Bartlett, '85, of Chicago, has given $150, and Hugo Pam '90, has oft'ered $30 annually. This makes when added to former gifts about l,000 tobe divided this year among the best debaters in the university. Wellington R. Burt, president of the Ann Arbor railroad is in the city today to visit a brother who is at the University hospital with au injnred shoulder. Mr. Burt came from Frankfort where he witnesseed the trial performance of the new steel transport "Ann Arbor No. 3," which has just been added to the company's fleet. The following notice of a popular Ann Arbor firm is taken from the Michigan School Moderator: Schools btiy their chemicals of Eberbach & Son of Ann Arbor because that firm sells nothing but the best materials. It's worth a good deal to have experiment work all right. It's worth money to a firm to have the reputation of honesty and ability which the Eberbachs have.