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About 10,000 bushels of onions are =aid to have been sold at Whitmore Lake. Oapt. Schuh has the contract for putting stearn heatiug in Frank Staffan's aew block in Ohelsea. George Donahue will open a grocery 5tore on Liberty st. , in the Sager block uear State st. , next Saturday. i Some mischiefj loving persons . moved Ihe coal sign of Clark & Bassett last uight and carried it away. There will be an opossum snpper at the A. M. E. church next Monday eveniug at 6 -.30 o'clock The opossum will be cooked in the sonthern stlye. Supper 25 cents. The Ann Arbor city teachers will go to Ypsilanfi on Friday to observe the work in the Normal training school with the object of getting the latest ideas in practice there. At the meeting of Ann Arbor Commandery, No. 13, K. T., last evening, the Red Cross degree was conferred upon Dr. Claudius B. Kinyon, Royal A. Jenny and Chas. B. Davison. Yesterday and this morning Supt. Slauson of the public schools sent out to the ward school 940 volumes of supplenienatry reading books. One hundred and seventy-flve more will soon be added. Among the letters dropped into the post office thi8 week was oue addressed to Santa Claus, Finland, North Russia. . At least oue ohild was bright enough to fiud out a local habitation for St. Nicholas. Otseningo Lodge, No. 295, I. O. O. F., last evening el'ected the following officers: Noble grand, Wm. H. Clanoy; vice grand, Joseph Martin ; recording secretary, Geo. H. Fischer; permanent secretary, John Wahr; treasurer, George H. Miller. Edwin S. Pratt, of Traverse City, whose appointment, although a deinocrat, to the judgeship of the 13th circuit, lef t vacant by the tragic death of Judge Corbett is being urged upon the governor by his republican friends is au alumnus of the University of Michigan, having been graduated with the law class of '66. The Columbian League elected the following offlcers last evening: Conimander, Thomas O'Connor; provost, William Mack; warden, Charles Strong; chaplaiu, Jonh Baumgarduer; notary, William Neithammer; treasnrer, August Schoenewald; messenger, George Schlemmer; inside guardián, Adolph Schmid; outside guardián, Heury Schlemmer; medical.examiuer, Dr. D. M. Cowie. Whitmore Lake Camp, No. 5,632, Modern Woodinen of America has elected the following officers: Venerable Consul, Frank Taylor; clerk, Tohu W. Rune; vrorthy adviser, Wm, 3ady; excellent banker, Joseph Kinsey; escort, Charles Moss; physician, John Lenion, -watchman, Charles Muuger; sentry, Wm. Layender; managers, Joseph, Gast, Burt Mooreland, Delbert Todd. Dr F. G. Novy has kindly conseuted to give a talk upon his trip to Rtissia, dwelliug particnlarly upon his visit to the fair at Nijni Novgorod, at the Ladies' Library, on E. Huron st, Monday afternoon, Dec. ia, at 4 o'clock. Admission 25 cents. Dr. Novy's record as a JiBCtnrer, together with his peculiarly iuteresting subject, insnres for us a mast delightful hour. A cordial vitatiou is extended to all. N. S. Phelps. of the Ellis Publishing Co of Battle Oreek, an old Washtenaw county boy and Robert T. Newberry, a Chicago architect, were in the city yesterday in cousultation with Koch Bros. , and looking over the fine stone buildings of the city. Mr. Phelps is abont to build a largo sanitarium in Battle Creek, starting the building in about 1 two weeks. He and the architect, left bere for New York to look over the sanitarimns at Clifton Springs and Danvillc. I Among the pastal cards exposed in the Ann Arbor post office because there was uo address on them, is one signed Godfrey, inforruing an unció that he is going to California Monday and wonld like to see him at the train in Jackson. "Then this is the parlor, eh?" tentatively asked Wolcott H. Butler, who was looking over the house. "Yes," remarked the elderly owner, "fout I usually cali it the court room. I have seveu daughters you know. " Butler will be afole to be aroand again in a few days. The C. M. B. A. elected the following officera last evening: Spiritual adviser, Rev. E. D. Kelly ; chancellor, M. J. Cavauaugh; president, N. Oamp; lst vico president, H. C. Welch ; 2nd vice president, H. Schwab; recording secretary, Geo. H. Fisher; assistant secretary, Win. Caspary ; fiuancial secretary, Bruno St. James ; treasurer, Thos. Horen; marshal, James ü'Connell; guard, M. Williams; trustees, Wm. H. Mclntyre, Morgan Williams, E. Hines, Wm. Exinger, Frank Camp. At the animal business meeting of the Young Men's Christian Associatiou last night tlie following members of the board of directors veere elected : E. S. Gilmore, Geo. G. Stimson, F. M. Hamilton, W. B. Phillips and Fred C. Weinberg. These succeed Geo. H. Pond, Edw. J. Chapiu, Eugeue S. Gilmore and G. G. Stimson, whose terms of office expired at that time and A. A. Pearson, resigned. The new board will meet Thursday night, Dec. 8, at 9 p. ra., for the election of offlcers for the ensuing year. 1 From Yesterday's Daily Argus. I The Bell Telephone exchange hpre has added 156 telephoues to its list J this year. Dr. Frauk S. Bourus, formorly of this city, is president of the board of health at Manila. The building cominittee of the court house is planning to put steel sbelving in the offices of the couuty clerk and register of deeds. The trustees of the new Nortbside ehurch last eveniug accepted the bid of Jacobus to euclose the building and finish off the basement for $1,115. The L. A. W. Bulletin contains a half tone view of the Whitmore Lake bicycle path from a photograph taken by M. C. Wood-Allen, of this city. A pair of bob sleds loaded with students daahed into the fertce by the Michigan Central, compelling J. M. Baii, law "99, to keep his leg in a piaster cast. Tickets for the Choral Union series will be placed on sale Friday, Dcc. 9, at the f ollowing places : W. W. Wetmore's, Aun Arbor Mnsic Co., Calkius' drug store, and University School of Music, Aun Arbor; Normal Conservatroy and C. W. Rogers', Ypsilanti. The petitiou of the Ypsilanti busi ,.pss men for the release of Thomas Niude eharged with shootiug Mildred Youug, nieutioned iu last eveuiug's Argus, was signed by 56 prominent Ypsilautiaus. It stated their belief that Niude was niorrally irrespoüsible wheu he did the shootiug. Two cara on the Detroit, Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor collided between here aiid Ypsilanti last eveuiug. The car ou the switch had goiie a little too far and was uuable to get back as the trolley had slipped off, when the other car carne sailing by knocking off the corners of both cara. Lois Rebekah Lodge, No. 11 o, will give au entertainment Friday eveuiug, Dec. 9, in I. O. O. F. hall. Aomng those who will take part are Mr. Frank Mclntyre, Mr. B. St. James, Miss Ohristmau, Miss Lois ïiokuor, Miss Kiug, Miss Polhemus aud Mr. Backhaus. Admission 10 ceuts. Railroad Jack, the harumock riding tramp and uaisance, who has severa! times visited this ciy, has writteu the Hndsou Gazette that" he is coming to Arm Arbor to visit the studente. He says: "Although I still enjoy life, liberty and the pnrsuit of happinsss, at 'reduced railway ratea,' by means of my old aud reliable hammock swuug under passeuger aud freight Irains, I must admit that the sndden drop in climatic conditious bas somewhat lessened the amonnt of trae comfort usually giveu while swiugiug in my perilous berth. ' ' Gen. Spalding arrived in Washing;on yesterday to atteud tlie sessions oí ougresH. Joseph A. E. Sokora and L. M. Bartett, of this city, have been granted a )atent ou a wagon tongue. Major John P. Kirk and Capt. Ross Grauger have been detailed as members f a general conrt martial at Camp 3olan(3. Prof. J. M. B. Bill, recently minister o Corea, says that Michigan made toves are the most popnlar kind of toves in Corea. An application has been made in the nobate court for an appointment of a ruardian for Charles Gardner, of the iver road, and his wife Salome. Henry A. Cornwell has erected a ine new windmill at his residence on N. División st. to pump water from a deep well of fine water located there. Pontiac is greatly favored by electric railway boomers, as five different coinmuies are at present asking for franchises from the conncil there including ;he Detroit and Flint companies, and Drojected lines to Orion, Fenton and ïlochester. While the horticulturists were looking over the mechanical laboratory yesterday, many of tbem made a dive for the weighing machine to get their proper weights. Oue gentleman with a heavy nlster stepped np to be weighed. A friend suggesréd that he had better take off his nlster, if he wanted to get his proper -weight. He straggled ont of the coat slang it across his arm aud stepped ou the machine to be weighed, aftër which he carefully put it ou again.