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Uurly" Trempler is out of prison again, having been released Thursday froin a two year and a half sentence at Jackson by Jndge Kinne, for cutting his wife, kuown in pólice circles here as "Frenchy," with a knife. The deed was done in this city. Trempler has shown up iu Detroit breathiug dire tbreats to kill his wife and the fellQW he says she has married while h e was doing time. He was sentenced to Jackson in 1893 in Detroit for robbing old Capt. Christie in his schooner, while it was moored to a Detroit dock, of $30 with which, according to his story, he went with his wife and bought pO worth of provisions. He says the crime wascommittedsolely to get food for his wife and her little brother and sister. While in prison she got a divorce frorn him. When he came otit he found her in a disreputable house in Ann Arbor. She supplied him with raoney to live on and when he got drunk he went around for more. One day she refnsed to supply him witli any more money aad he assaulted her with a jackkuife. For this he was again sent to Jackson. Now he says his wife ís xnarried again. Ií' this is true it is probably to a yonng high school boy who lived 011 Packard st. , in this city, whose mother assisted by then deputy sheriff Sweet fouiid him in the woman's house, aud had them both arrested. The womau was iu jail three months and the matter was fiually flxed np by her agreeiiig to leave the city. She weut to Detroit. Shortly after the boy packed his trunk and followed her down to Detroit, where be got employmeut as a bell boy at the Cadillac. He was about ]8 aml slic was some years older. Trempler is now doiug nothing but breathing threats of vengeance against his guondam wiie and her new husband.