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Schairer & Millen

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I BUSY STORE OF Sc hoir er & Millen, 1 . Of fO ! ANN ARBOR, MICH. ( Rfip on the Kftn on the ÜUÜ Dollar. ÜllU Dollar. A Great Cloak Sale Commencing Saturday Morning, Jan. 28. --C Every Jacket, Every jCape, Vv Plush and Cloth, zÊt Every Misses' and Children's jÈÈÊËL Jacket Marked JS "NE-HALF OFF PW 50c ON TBE DOLLAR REMEMBER, this is a slaughter of desirable garments and not a sale of mussed, damaged or old sample cloaks, but stylish, up-to-date garments sold to clean up stock. You will have three months of cold weather and why not put your money where it will do you some good. $16 Plush Capes cut to $8.00. St2 Plush Capes cut to $6.00. #10 Plush Capes cut to 5.00. $3 Cloth Capes now $1.50. $5 Cloth Capes cut to $2.50, $4 Cloth Capes now $2.00. $15 Stylish Kersey Jackets $7.50. $12 Jackets now - $6.00. $10 Jackets now - $5.00. $8 Jackets now - $4.00. $5 Jackets now - $2.50. 8 Misses' Jackets now $4.00. $6 Misses' Jackets now $3.00. $5 Misses' Jackets now $2.50. $4.00 Misses' Jackets now S2.00. THIS IS A DEEP CUT, 50 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR, , So Come Out Early for Choice of Garments,