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The Sanitary Milk Co.

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The Sanitary Milt Co. was organized in this city Friday. This is the compauy which is to orgauize the creamery and milk supply station in this city. The officers of the new company are: President, Junius E. Beal; vice president, Dr. C. G. Darling; manager, J. M. Travis ; secretary aud treasurer, U. G. Darliug. The articles of incorporation have been flled at Lansing and the capital stock is placed at $10,000. The new creamery wil] use half of the present Couiier building as its place of busijjess, ocenpying the south half and removing Mr. Beal's present office. It is expected that some time during the snmmer an additiou will be bnlit to the building. The most improved machinery was ordered yesterday, the Chicago Creamery Packago Co., walking off with the contract. The machinery iucludes a costly separator, sterilizing ovens, pastenrizing machinery and large checse and butter making machinery. An ice machine, costing $800, with a capacity for prodncing two and a half tons a day is a part of the equipment. The new plant will bo open for operation May. 1, and will have au immediate capacity of 10,000 pounds of milk daily. The corupany expect to manufacture all kinds of dairy producís and to keep them ou sale. Milk will be delivered at the houses of patrons about the city, and in addition tö the general delivery wagons, a special delivery wagon will be kept to deliver milk at other times than the regular time of delivery. The milk is to be eithcr stjrilized or pasteurized and when the machinery is in working order, the public will bè invited in io see the impurities taken from the milk. Contracts have already made for the delivery of $30,000 worth of milk a year.