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The Most Valuable National Sceptre

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Kussja posseeses the most valuable naiional scepter in the' world. It is three feet in length, is made of solid gold and ornamented with 268 dianonds, 360 rubĂ­es and 15 emeralds. The sceptre, which forras part of the regalia, is handed to the czar on hls coronation the emblem of sovereSgnty. At the coronation of the present czar, which took place in Moscow cathedral, in May, 1896, the Metropolitan of the Ruesian church handed tbe sceptre to the czar with these words. "Godcrowned czar, and Grand Duke Michael Feodorovich, Autocrat of All the Russias, receive the seeptre that the Lord givee you to govern the great dominion of Russia, and take care of it, for K is t'hy strength and thy power."