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Althongh there was nothing of great tnportance transacted in the court ïouse Tnesday the papers that were filed are of considerable interest to both lie parties and others. In the case of Cari T. Wuerthner VS. The Working men's Benevolent Sooiety, of Manchester, a writ of error to the supreme court has been filed with the proper affldavit and bond. The matter in controversy is $78 of sick benefits clamed by Wuerthner. The defendant claimed that theactiou of the sick committee and the the society was final and there was no appeal from the same. The plaintiff, by bis attorneys, Lehmf n Bors. & Stivers, admittjd that in the nature of the society there was no appeal to any higher society but claimed the appeal to be to the courts, where the only question at issue was, was Wuerthner sick or not. Caroline Esch, of Manchester, by her solicitor, A. J. Waters, asks for a partition of a certain piece of land in Freedom worth $3,000 subject to a $2,500 inortgage. She alleges that she has recently been granted a decree of divorce from the defendant and that he has nofc paid up the costs and threatens to waste the land. She therefore asks that the land be sold and her dower and other interest set aside. In the case of Mary E. Dixon vs. Clarence B. Dixon an order for attachment for alleged neglect of the order of conrt in paying alimony, etc, which was made Nov. 12. Randall & Jones are the complainant's solicitors. Mollie Forthoffer, of Ypsilanti, by her solicitors A. J. Sawyer and H. W. Childs has filed a bilí for divorce against her husband Jacob Forthoffer. The couple were married Jan. 17, '99. She charges her husband with having become involved in a criminal charge preferred by Emma Richel, of Ypsilanti. This she says she learned after the marriage.