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General Engagement Begins

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Filipinos Open Fire All Along the Line-Navy Takes a Hand.

At about 1 a.m. the Filipinos opened a hot fire from all three places simultaneously. This was supplemented by the fire of two siege guns at Balik-Balik, and by advancing their skirmishers at Paco and Pandacan. The Americans responded with a terrific fire, but owing to the darkness they were unable to determine its effect. The Utah light artillery finally succeeded in silencing the native battery. The Third artillery also did good work on the extreme left. The engagement lasted over an hour.

The United States cruiser Charleston and the gunboat Concord, stationed off Malabona, opened fire from secondary batteries on the Filipino position at Calvocan, and kept it up vigorously. At 2:45 a.m. there was another fusillade along the entire line, and the United States sea going double-turreted monitor Monadnock opened fire on the enemy from off Malate. With daylight the Americans advanced. The California and Washington regiment made a splendid charge and drove the Filipinos from the villages of Paco and Santa Mesa. The Nebraska regiment also distinguished itself, capturing several prisoners and one howitzer, and a very strong position at the reservoir, which is connected with the waterworks.

The Kansas and Dakota regiments compelled the enemy's right flank to retire to Calvocan. There was intermittent firing at various points all day long. The losses of the Filipinos cannot be estimated at present, but they are known to be considerable. The American losses are estimated at twenty men killed and 126 wounded. The Ygroates, armed with bows and arrows, made a very determined stand in the fact of a hot artillery fire, and left many men dead on the field. Several attempts were made in this city yesterday evening to assassinate American offlcers.