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Assorted ads 2-10-1899

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Woman's Pride is Her Table

A well furnished table largely assists domestic happiness. Our stock of groceries comprises everything needful to make your bill of fare all that it should be. People can't live too well and groceries can't be too good. Look for first-class goods where only first-class goods can be found. Our grocery is such a place and our prices are just what thrifty housekeepers enjoy. Exorbitant prices make your victuals taste of money and spoil the flavor.



Is a great thing to draw and keep a large grocery trade. That is one of the secrets of the large trade enjoyed by

Rinsey & Seabolt

Their groceries are just what they recommend them to be. They buy in large quantities, of reliable houses, sell the best articles and so suit their customers. If you are not now a customer, try trading with


106-108 E. Washington St.


Attorney at Law and Pension Claim Attorney.


Conveyancing and Collections.



Residence and Office, 48 Fourth Ave., North

Telephone 82.

It's curious how some folks advertise. The Racket man has been studying some of the modern advertising methods lately, and the result of his study can be seen in the following ad. It's just dead easy, the style is not at all hard to catch on. See?

A terrific cyclonic upheaval in prices at The Racket. The earth pauses in its diurnal round to enable customers to carry away the all absorbing bargains we are offering. Our competitors stand aghast at the stupendous sacrifices we are making and wonder how long we can stand it.

Ponder seriously over the following prices for they mean much to you:

$17.50 Swan Bill Hooks and Eyes 1c per card. $39.00 Invisible Hooks and Eyes in black and white 8c per card. $9.00 Horn Hair Pins reduced to 9c per dozen. $2.50 Gold Eyed Needles cut to 3c per paper. $4.50 papers of Pins now at the unheard of price of 1c per paper.

There we have said enough, it's just as easy as rolling off a log, but I don't like it. It's not honest, and yet it's a fair sample of the advertising one sees every day. This prefacing every article with a great big price Is all humbug and suggests the idea that the great world of consumers are idiots, in the mind of the writer of such bombast.

Price is what tells, and when attached to goods with which people are acquainted they can immediately understand whether it is cheap or not.

Table Oil Cloths white or colors 12c per yard. 2 quart Pails with cover 5c. 3 quart 8c. 4 quart 10c. The very best Axes 45c and 50c. Horse Bridle Bits 10c. Rubber Bits 25c. English Semi-porcelain 100 piece Dinner Sets $6.90. American white Wash Bowls and Pitchers 75c. Brass Curtain Rods, several kinds of the very best and strongest makes Chambers from 15c up. Ten piece Chamber sets decorated $2.00.

Quart Measures graduated 5c. 4 tine long handle Stable Forks 25c. Pruning Clippers 25c. Harness Snaps 15c per dozen. Block Planes with brass adjustment 30c. Cloth Curtains 20c. Paper Curtains 8c. Glass Tumblers 20c per dozen. The Racket like Ann Arbor, it is going to stay, and its prices will always be lower than the lowest.

The Racket

202 E. Washington St.