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I Woman's Pride is Her Table A well furnished table laigeiy assists domestic happiuess. Our stock of groceries comprisea everytliing heedf ul tomake yourbill of fare all Uiat it should be. People can't Uve too well and groceries can't be too goocl. Look for first-class goodB where ouíy íirstclass goods can be í'ouud. Ouigrocery is 8uch a place and our prices are just what thrifty housekeepers enjoy. Exorbitant prices rnake your victuals tasté of money aud spoil the llavor. # STAEBLER&CO. RELIAEILITT Is a great thing to draw and keep a large grocery trade. That is ane..of the secrets of the large trade enjoyed by Rinsey & Seabolt Their groceries are just what they recommend them to be. They buy in large quantities, of reliable ;houss, sell the best articles and so suit their customers. If you are not now a customer, try trading with . HER 2 Slini 106-108 E, Washington St, f B. WILLIAMS, ttoroer at Lav ana Fensios Slais Attorne?, MILAÍI, MICO { . Conveyanoinsr and CoHsctíoni. Spectacles Properly : Fltted At i Low lJrice ; '■ Guaranteed. i í SALISBURYS DRUG STORE. Hurón St., Cook House ÍJtoéfc -:: ,' ■■■■ tl'8 carlous Uow some folfts adv.pise. The Racket maa has boen studying -s'iVtae of themodera advertísing meUioda lateiy, anti the resultof hisstudy can be seea io ttie followiag 8d. lt.s just dead e;isy, the styie is not. at all hard tocatch on. See? A terrific cyclonic upheaval in prices at The Jlacket. The earth pauses ta its diurnai round to cnable customera to carry nwnv the al) obsorbinsr bargaiDS we aiti offeriti{f. Our ompetitoiB stand sghast at tlie stupeoduua sacrifices wc ;ire making nd wooder how lon wo can etand it. Ponder 8eriously over the foliowing-pricee for they mean mucb to you: f 17.60 Swan Bill Hooks and Eyes c (jer card. M.0O Invisible Hooks and Eyes íp tilaok and white 8c per card. M.OO Hora Bair l'ins re■duced to 9c per dozen. 83.0 Ooiá Uy.eit Keedlescut to 3c per paper. Wftpapersoí Pins nowat the unneard oC pnce of le per paper. There we havo aid enough, it's just. a.-, eway. tu rolling off a log, but I don't Ifs oot hónest, and yet it's a fair saropte oí tha Bílves tising one sees every day. Thls preíaciugvery article with a great bigprice isall bumbugr and suggeste the idea tliat ttoe ífret world of oonsumers are idiote, in the mimi of the writerof such bombast. Price is what tells, and when Uched to ïoodswith which people are acquaiinted they an immediately underatand wbether il ig. -bap or not. Table Oil Cloths white or colore le pr yard. ZquartPails with cover 6c. 3quartc. -iqvuxtlOc. The very best 4.K98 4Sc and 50c. rj2rse Bridle Bits 10o. Rubber BMs Zie. KpKsh Semi-porcelain 100 pieco tHonor Sets .90. American white Wash Mowls and Pitchers T6o. Brass Curtain Btxlb. several ■" d1s of the very best and stroogeat makesCbambers f rom 15c up. Teu piece Git amber sete decorated $2.00. Quart Meawures grailui&ted 6c. 4 tino long handle Btabie Vorkg 25c. éPeuDiog Olippers 25o. Harness Hnaps 15c per lozea. Block Planes with brass adjUMtment : Wo. Cloth Curtains 30c. Paper Curtains 8c. ''laS8 Tumblers 20o per dozeo. The Racket Iüke3 Ann Arbor, it is going to stay. and its u-Vaes will always be lower than tlie lowest. ■■ The Racket i 202 E, Washington St. !