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March Term Of Court Was Adjourned

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Too much spring business, of course not politics, cansed the attorneys and conrt Mouday morning to unanimously decide to postpone the March term of the circuit court to the latter part of April. George Lewis, the colored man charged with an assault refused to plead and onder the rule, a plea of not guilty was entered. Andrew E. Gibson appeared as his attorney. The case will be taken up in the morniug as will be that of John Paul, of Ypsilanti, charged with arson. Lee Brown is his attoruey. The case of the People vs. Eli F. Cuddaback was nolle prossed. This was the case in which the charge was made that the defendant had written threateniug letters to his wife, who is at Nogales, Aizona. His soĆ¼ oame on to Ann Arbor and rnade the complaint to secure his fathers' arrest. The defendant in his bill for divorce from his wife which he has .iust flled, claims that his wife had gone off with considerable of his property which she refused to return to him. Randall & Jones are his attorneys. The case of the People vs. John Gressel, charged with receiving goods under false pretences was also nolle prossed. Gressel was a baker, who f ormerly worked for Heuscl Bros.