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Staebler & Co.

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215 South Main 5t. Ww $fy9 tí. jml Jm SH Wft ji H 9 HBwB Mfl Qbj WEBSTER'S I Hon.DJ.Brewer Justiceof U.S.SupfemeCoort, I - I says : "1 commeud it to all as the one (jreat EmsJI 11 INTERNATIONAL ƒ '"'í uut"Tity-" KwM K, I lt excels in the oase with which the eye finds the InljM ■ DICTIONARY A wordsought; in accuracjof deflnition ; in eLfeotIjftïJ! BN. - ivc mefhods of indicatinirpronunciation ; in terse BfepMö k. f and comprehensivo statements of facts and in WPlBj _ Tr practical use asa workingr dictionary. p j'? IK535T"y " Specimen payes, etc., sent on application. IWPS m Q.G. & C. Merfiam Co., Publish;, Springficld, Mass., U. S. A. Advertise in the Argus=Democrat. Cosing out Lrockery Rusiness. Increasing (j rocery gusiness. WiH remove to Iarger and more convenient quarters Corner riain and Liberty Street about May ist. Not $i.oo worth of CROCKERY to be moved into our new location. $2,000.00 worth of Crockery, Qlassware, Lamps, etc., to be sold in the next 60 days. NOTE FEW PRICES. $1.00 Cups and Sauoers, - 65c $1.00 Slop Jars, - - 79c 65c Cups and Saucers, - 49c 80c Slop Jars, - - 57c 25c Tumblers, - - 17c 50c Lanterns, - 33c 30c Tumblers, - - 17c $ 1 .50 Cen. Draft Nickle Lamp $1.08 75c Wash Bowls and Pitchers, 56c $1.25 ' " 88c EVERY ARTICLE GUARANTEED.