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"Saved Her Life." MRS. JOHN WALLET, of Jefferson, Wis., than whom none is morehighly esteemed or widely known, writes. "In 1 S90 1 had a se veré attack oí LaGrippe and at the end of four months, in spite of al[ physicians, friends and good nursing could do, my lungs heart and nervous system were so completely wreeked, my life was despaired of, my Mends giving me up. 1 could only sleep by the use of opiates. My lungs and heart pained me terribly and my cough was most aggravatlng. I could not lie in one position but a short time and not on my left side at all. My husband brought me Dr. Miles' Nervine and Iïeart Cure and I began taking them. When I had taken a half bottle of each I was much botter and continuing persisrently I took about a dozen bottlesand was completely restoredtohealth to are sold by all Emh ' 8 gists under a positive Ss, "" J guarantee, lirst bottla KHSSEL CUES3 benefits or money & Bactma J f unded. Book on ■L- ' u j. ■ dH eases of the heart and Mfe JS aervesfree. Address, ! HÜáÉÉÉiMHi DB. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. i1"""""""1"" ""■■■"■"" ■"■""" WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. COR SALE - Reat or exchange - 6Jp acres near citylimits. Improvementsanice two story frame dwelling, bain and other out buildings, plenty of góod water, applee, cberries and other fruits. A pretty place and a pleasant loention. The priee way down if taken soon. P. O. Box 1311, Ann Arbor, Mich. Liddell. 8- 10 FOK SALE CHEAP- Two good 5 year old colts, weight 2,400 pounds, well broke. 8. J. Beardsley, 818 Spring st. 75-80 COK SALE- Two farms, between Bridgewa' ter Station and Manchester. Enrjuire of Johu Burg. Ann Arbor, or George Burg. Saline. 7-f ff ffv will buya three story stone and ltluu brick house and extra g-ood larg-e horsebarn, weiland cistern. Lot 3x14 rods. on Main st.. Ann Arbor. Telephone 79, or write Geo. A. Peters, Bcio. If not sold by Aprii Istforrent. , 4Btf ' COR RENT- The farm known as the Eber 1 White farm, situated on West Liberty st Jnquire at the residence, 1025 West Liberty st. CARM FOR SALE- The old Henry Krause 1 farm in Lodi on gravel road, 4',-i miles f rom Ann Arbor and i'i miles from Saline; J38VÍ acres, good sehooi on farm, 20 acres timber. water within 3 ïeet of surface, every fieUl watered, maple grove, buildings in good shape. Easy terms of payment. Low price. Apply Fred Krause, just outside city on Broadway orat ArgusDemocrat oflice POP sAI F Choice Barred l'lyrulV oVLE 'mouth Rock Eggs tor Setting, One Cockerel of the HawkinsBlue Strain, B. P. R, 410 North State Street, Ann Arbor, Mich, lAON'T GET LEb'T- As you certainly will if %J you want to own, and don't investígate the best located modern house for home comforts and convenience for yourself and t'amlly Can show an income (from room rents) on the' money that will buy it. secondto none Enuuire of A. M. CLARK. 4i S. División st. ' 11- fy TRUCK AND STORAGE C. E. GODFRET. Residence and Office, 48 Fourth Ave., Nortl Telephone 8a. LUTZ ér 5ON MANUFACTURERS OF SYED FURNITURE ALT. KINDS OP L1BRARIES BARBER SHOPS STORES MILL1NERY SALOONS EMPORIUMS Etc. Etc. DESIGN WORK A SPECIALTY. d Repairing of Furniture of Every Description. O Lutz &, Son. Office and Factory on VineSt., Near W. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, - .- Michigan New State Telephone No. 273. THEY ALL TALK THE SAME WAY: J Dear Sirs: - I have used the Ludwig Piano for the L past two years in concert T work and pupils' recitals; T and it has always given enL T tire satisfaction. The Lud wig Piano has an easy action L and full, deep tone. What I especially like about the instrument is its singing % tone, and its sweet yet penL etrating quality. I think it is a piano that will stand L wear excellently. L Yours truly, MlNNIE DavIS, Pianiste and Teacher. They please all and we sell them. I Ai m m to, % 205-207 E. Wash. St.