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Knowing who had charge of "What Became of Parker," given at the Athens Theatre last night for the benefit of St. Thomas' church, the expeetatious of the large audienue was keyed to the highest piten. The hopes of the people were upstified, aiiö the words of praise given by the Dixbro, Saratoga anti Hartford papers, eau only be hei e repeated with increased vehomence. It is, however, really difficult to give the individual participaras of the comedy words of praise as they all played their parts so well that hu coraparisons eau be made. While the oomedy was entertainiug, it also contaiued a lesson ou the tendeucies to quarrel, iu these modern times. In one very important particular, their articulation, all of thí young people deserve especial commeudatoa. Ifc added so niuch to the pleasore cf the evening in that they could all be well UDderstood. Mis Elizabeth Fitchel, as Vivian, Parker's wife, was an ideal true hearted, really, faithful, loving, but ineousiderate young wife. Miss Fitchel's charming voice added rnuch to the character. Miss Nona O'Brien as Mildred Green, Viviaus' aunt, was true to nature and received merited applause. Miss Sarah O'Brieu as Hebe Worthy, óld Growler's niece had a difflcult part, bnt was a loving neice wto falls in love, very naturally. Miss Isdore Ross did her j art well as Cora, a maid at Parker's. The male characters wera taken by Harry Brown, as Fred Parker, a wholesale dry goods merchant. Jerome Crowley, as William Torreuce, his partner, Jim Willis as Jeremiah Growler, a retired business man. Theodore Luke as James Jones, Jobn Haverty as Mr. Harrison, a capitalist from Chicago; David Dilion as Dr. Rogers, Pólice Sergeant Riply, George Parker, as Otto, a waiter, were all good, and true to life. The imaginary aliments of Jeremiah Growler caused ruuch langher. Above all things the specialties of Miss Loretti x'ice and Jim Harkius must not be forgotten. They both were good representativos of whac was supposed to be the ideal rlarkies down soïith "befo de war. " To write a descriptiou giving each character ! justice, is impossible for want of space. The five acts ran smoothly with little waits and every one who took part, iucluding the active, iodustrious busiI ness ruauager, Phil Schuamcher, deserve praise. The patience and energy needed in getting up such an entertainment as last evening, is very great, and the pastor of St. Thomas church lias a right to feel proud of his youug people.