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In The Seventh Ward

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Iu these days of eleetioneering it is aid that a new dodge is beiag worked among the anti-.Tudsou men of the Spventb ward. City Attorney Butteitield. in the intervals between his sending out of Kinne circnlars, and working for his appoiutment s secretary of the state board of assessors by the grace of Pingree, is said to have int in som e time in his ward telling what he intends at the iiext repnblioau canons in that ward to swear all those offering to vote as to whether they had voteJ the repnblicau ticket at the last preoeding election, meaniug to convey the idea that the anti-Judsou in order TLihaVe an chance t0 down Judson wlegates in that ward in the future â– nnst loyally support tfe men Jndson wmed for them at tbis election.