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To Make Liquid Air

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The university has been presentec vvith au apparatus for manufactnirng Hqnid air by Charles S. Brush, the geart electrician oí' Cleveland, Ohio. The present was announce to the board ei regerits which was in session at the university Wednesday by Prof. Paul C. Freer. The apparatus cost $1,200 and has already been contracted for to be fnrnished the university 011 October first and only awaited the acceptance of the university. Very natnrally the regeuts accepted the gift. It will be placed in the basement of the cheinical laboratory. By this apparatus it is said that air can be rednced to a clear sparkling iqnid, that boils on ice, freees pure ilcohol and burns steel like tissue paper and yet it can be dipped up in au old sauce pan aud poured about like water. it is noü wet to the touch, bowever, and burus like a white-hot iron and wheu exposed to the open air for a few ninntes it vanishes in a cold gray vapor, leaving oriy a little white frost. With this machine, it is said, two parts of liquid air will roake ten parts, which in turn can be used to inake more, and so on. Air liquifies at 312 legrees below zero, so that sonie idea of the intense cold can be obtained. Vhen liquid air is exposed to the heat f the atmosphere, usually about 383 degrees warmer it expands and in this vay power in the machine is prodaced. The discovery is one which bids fair o revolutiouize the methods of prodncuSJ?ower aud all investigations iu this omparatively new domain of SGieuce ill be of interest and it is well tht he uuiversity is to be equipped with an apparatus of the kind through the generosity of Mr. Brush.