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Lost Ground Found

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The fact of the ownership of a piece of land in Washtenaw connty being forgotten by the real owners is unusnal. Such a fact was recently discovered by Tifrus F. Hntzel, of the firm of Hutzel & Co. Last week Titus F. Htitzel was looking over some old papers belonging to his father August Hutzdl. Amoug these was a deed that fixed bis attention as it contained sornetuing that he had never heard of. His father August Hutzel had been in business with Emanuel Wildt. They dissolved their partnership Sept. 4, and iu closing it up. Mr. Wildt transferred certain real estáte to Mr. Hutzel. The second parcel described was what struck Titu.s Hntzel's eyes. It was as follows: -'All that eertain parcel of land, sitúate in township of Manchestor, known, bonnded and described as follows vizs : Being part of section 1, in town nnmber 4 south of range 3 east; beginuing at no'rthwest corner of land owned by David Chadwick ou Clinton ruad, thence northerly on the line ot said road 31 feet thence easterly parallel with said Chadwick line f)0 feet, thence southerly parallel with said road 31 feet to said Chadwick line, thence westerly on said line 50 feet of the place of beeinning. " Mr. Hutzel had never heard of his father owning this laüd. He asked his older brothèr and ruother and they had never heard of the land. He examined the abstract books of the Washtenaw Abstract Co. 's and found that his father had never sold this land. The supervisor rolls of 1843 to 1848 don't indícate that the land was ever assessed to Mr. Hutzel. The whole matter became so interesting that he ealled on Attorney E. B. Norris, one of the best posted local historians of the village of Manchester. The Aigus representative also ealled on Mr. Norris who kindly gave the following infonnation. "I think I knovv where tbis land is located. It is adjoiaing to the school buildiug located in what is knovvn as Soulsville, iu the sonth part of Manchester. The land is uow probably that used as a play ground by the school childreii. This part of the village of Manchester in au early day was the business center and adjoiuing the 31 by 50 feet. were a nuraber of stores and a hotel stood opposite. The probabilty is that Mr. Wildt purchased tbip lot with the intentiou of building a store on the la'id. "